ONE MORE YEAR: White talks about decision

Jason White is coming back for a sixth season at Oklahoma. See inside for James Hale's one-on-one interview with the Sooners' Heisman Trophy quarterback shortly after announcing his decision to the team after practice on Friday. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

NORMAN, Okla. — Heisman Trophy winner Jason White surprised his teamates today, and his coaches by announcing at the end of practice that he was coming back for his 6th year. The annoucement drew a loud cheer from his teamates and coaches.

After practice, White said he made the decision today to return after thinking about it the last couple of days.

"I just don't see any reason how another year of college can hurt me," said White. "There is just nothing negative about me coming back. I love college football. I love the college experience, and I just want to play another year of college football. When the NCAA told me today that I would be granted an extra year the decision for me was easy."

Below is a complete transcript of James Hale's exclusive interview with White after Friday's practice.

JH: "What was the main reason for your decision?

JW: "I just looked at my opportunities, and who can't use another year at college. It is the best time of your life. I am going to come back for another year."

JH: Is the team pretty excited?

JW: "Yeah, they seemed like it. They gave me some applause. I think they are happy about it."

JH: What did the NFL draft have to do with your decision?

JW: "You can only better yourself in the draft if you are a top pick. So, with my situation the draft didn't have much of a factor in my decision. My situation is one that not many people get, and I just felt I needed to take advantage of my situation and come back for another year."

JH: When did you make your decision?

JW: "Today. I got the clearance from the NCAA, a verbal clearance and I made my decision earlier today and just told the team a few minutes ago."

JH: Is that what the big cheer was just a few minutes ago?

JW: "Yes."

JH: You always said that you would wait until after the bowl game, so what has changed your mind the last couple of days?

JW: "I have had a lot of time to sit and think about it, and right after the Big 12 game I thought about it quite a bit. I just think it is the best decision for me."

JH: When you say you can always use another year in college from what perspective are you talking about?

JW: "Football, your life and academically, it is all great in college. Anybody that plays college football knows what I am talking about."

JH: So, the football aspect of it is a real big part of it?

JW: "Yeah, definitely. Just being around your teammates and being around guys who have been here as long as I have are a big reason why. I know some of those guys are leaving after this year, but some of them remain as well. Just being around the guys is a great feeling."

JH: Did you check anything out with the NFL?

JW: "No, I didn't even send my papers in. I did get some feedback from my coaches and from some other areas, and I think this is the best decision."

JH: How much does the NFL in the future come into play that you will benefit by playing one more year of college football."

JW: "It is all positive and that is why I made the decision. To get a chance to play 12 to 13 more games will make me that much better."

JH: It has been a few days now, so what does winning the Heisman mean to you?

JW: "It means a lot to me, but I think it means more to my teammates. I have always said it is a team trophy and when you think about this team, they all know that they earned it to. I am just one representative for our team."

JH: The downside of that is the Heisman jinx, which I know you don't believe in.

JW: "Everybody also told us that we would have a letdown this year big games and we didn't. There is also supposed to be a Sports Illustrated jinx and that didn't happen. I am not worried about the Heisman jinx."

JH: To the guys are you still just Jason White to them aren't you?

JW: "Definitely. But now they have something they can rag on me about a little bit. I am still Jason to them and they still treat me the same way than before I won the award."

JH: Do they still do pranks to bug you?

JW: "They do everything, like putting dirty towels in my locker and stuff like that. Nothing is going to change how this team treats me and that is how it should be."

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