McAdams: "If they don't come here they are crazy"

Randy McAdams talks about his trip to Norman and what other recruits might soon be joining him as commitments.


JH: How did your season finish up?

RM: "We finished 12-2 and got beat in the state quarterfinals."

JH: How did you do individually?

RM: "I had a pretty good year. It started out kind of slow. I didn't feel like I was any better than last year. I kept making stupid mistakes early, but as the season went along I continued to improve and toward the end of the year I was playing a lot better than last year. The coaches said that they were very pleased with how I played this year, and that I improved everyday at practice."

JH: What did you do on your visit to OU this weekend?

RM: "It was a lot of fun. I got to see some of the stuff that I didn't get to see at the summer camp. I got to see the weight room and stuff at the camp, but I didn't get to see any of the academic staff while I was at camp. I got to see the study hall and the computer center and all that OU has to offer academically. Plus, I got to hang out with a lot of the guys and that was a lot of fun."

JH: Who was your host and what did you do on the visit?

RM: "My host was Chris Messner and he was a great guy. The first night we went back to his place and I met his girlfriend and roommate, but because the students were gone there wasn't a whole lot to do. He made several phone calls to teammates to see if anything was up. Then Brandon Braxton and Thomas Herring, a couple of the other recruits on the visit, also came by and we just sat around talked. We asked Chris a lot of questions about OU."

JH: What did you guys ask Messner about?

RM: "I was asking him how long practices are and I wanted to know if OU is all work or do they have fun as well at practice. He told me that practices were pretty intense, but that certain guys will crack some jokes and the coaches aren't afraid to laugh at practice."

JH: How do you feel the other recruits liked their visit?

RM: "They all acted like they had a real good time. Brandon's parents bought a bunch of stuff such as hats and shirts and stuff. I really think Brandon is going to eventually sign with OU. I didn't get a chance to talk with Zach Miller all that much, but he seemed to be enjoying himself quite a bit. Rhyan Anderson was a great guy, but real quiet. Early in the visit he got a little sick, but felt better on Saturday and opened up a little bit. From the way that Thomas was talking he seemed very high on OU as well."

JH: Since you have been committed to OU for a long time, did the guys ask you a bunch of questions about your decision?

RM "Yeah, they were asking me why I committed to early and they started asking me about summer camp and summer workouts. I just told them how much I really loved OU and that Paul Thompson, who is from the same hometown, loves OU as well. I tried to talk them into committing and I told them that if they don't come here then they were crazy. With all the great young guys coming into the program and all the improvements in the facilities and things, that if they don't come here then they are crazy."

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