RECRUITING: Wisconsin DE felt at home in Norman

Wisconsin defensive end prospect Rhyan Anderson talks about his visit and when he'll announce his decision.


JH: You sound very tired, did they wear you out on the Oklahoma trip?

RA: "I am just sick right now and I was sick on the trip."

JH: Did you still manage to have some fun on the trip?

RA: "Oh yeah, I still had fun on the trip. It just felt like home when I was there and I got along with the players very well. I ran into my best friend Will on Friday and it was real fun to see him again. Since I had lived there before, everything was real familiar to me, but a couple of things had changed."

JH: What did you think of the program?

RA: "OU has a real nice program. Coach Stoops and his coaches really know what they are doing. They run great practices and the team seems to get better all the team. They have recruited very well over the last couple of years and they are building a dynasty at OU."

JH: What did you think of the improvements that the athletic department at OU has made with the facilities?

RA: "I had not seen the stadium in about five years, so the additions to the football stadium were really impressive. OU has a great weight room and their strength and conditioning coach (Jerry Schmidt) is outstanding. The players really believe in him."

JH: You have always said that OU was one of your top schools, but did the visit improve their position with you or enhance it even more?

RA: "Yeah, I would say that. OU is going to be very much in the hunt. There is no question about that."

JH: How would you say recruiting is going with you at the moment?

RA: "I don't want to compare schools at this time or compare things. I just want to take my last visit to Miami on January 16 and then come back and try to make a decision.

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