Bomar: "I am still committed to Oklahoma"

Grand Prairie, Texas quarterback Rhett Bomar talks about the rumors of a possible de-commitment after last weeks news of Jason White returning for a sixth season.


JH: How is your hand coming along?

RB: "It fine and it is doing well. I will be able to play baseball and I will start hitting when I get back from break."

JH: What were your thoughts on Jason White coming back for a sixth year?

RB: "At first I was a little disappointed, but the OU coaches did a good job of preparing me for that possibility. It is a little disappointing, because I hoped to come in an compete for a starting job my freshman year, but in the long run this could be very good for me. I will probably redshirt now and then compete for a starting job and have a chance to start for four years."

JH: Could this be a benefit for you to come in and learn from a Heisman winner in Jason White and a Heisman runner-up in Josh Heupel?

RB: "It can't hurt to be around two guys who have got the job done in the past."

JH: Couldn't you still come in an compete for the backup spot next season and then start for three years?

RB: "Yeah, that is possible. That is why I was a little disappointed, because I am a competitor and I just didn't want to come in and have no chance to win the starting job. Lets face it, with Jason coming back he is going to be the starter next year. So sure, I am going to go in and compete, and if it is for the back-up job then that is what it is. I want to come and compete with the other guys and see how it goes."

JH: Did you ever waver on your commitment to OU?

RB: "I wouldn't say that right now, because the decision did cause me to re-think some things. I am committed to Oklahoma and that is where I am going to go. I did rethink some things for a little bit, but I wouldn't worry about it. I committed to Oklahoma and that means a lot to me. However, I did re-think some things."

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