Two Minute Drill: Jackson says OU will be ready

Senior linebacker Pasha Jackson talks about his career at OU and the Sooners' Sugar Bowl matchup with LSU.

NORMAN, Okla. — Senior linebacker Pasha Jackson will wind down his career in the Sugar Bowl against LSU on Jan. 4. Jackson has maintained a great personality that is team-oriented throughout his two years in Norman, despite the fact his career at OU has not been what he expected it to be.

Jackson has played solid in a split role at 'SAM' linebacker where he comes out of the game on passing downs. However, Jackson has remained a total team player and that will continue in the Sugar Bowl. Jackson sat down with after practice on Sunday for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: You are one of the more popular players on the team and you have maintained a great personality despite the fact your playing time is not what you want it to be. So, despite your circumstance you always try to stay positive don't you?

PJ: "I really don't know about all the popularity on the team, but I do try to get along with everybody and my home is always welcome to anybody on our team. I love my teammates and the love I give to them I feel that in return. So, that is certainly mutual. I guess personality has a big part to play on a football team. If you are going to be a football team that goes this far and still not be tired of each other, and ripping each others heads off this deep in the season, then you are going to have to have some guys with some great personalities on it. You have to play with some guys that can play with some fun around each other."

JH: What did you try to do to keep everybody's spirits up following the Kansas State loss?

PJ: "To tell you the truth everybody has been pitching in to make sure all of us are up. We take losses real hard around here. It really has been the big group that has made sure that we are getting focused and staying focused on the National Championship game coming up. The Big 12 Championship game is now in the past and now we must look forward to what great things we can do in the future."

JH: Is the team totally focused at this point on LSU?

PJ: "Oh, definitely so. If you would have seen our practice today and saw our tempo, you would not have had to see it because you could have heard it and heard how great our tempo was today. We had such a good practice that it shows that we are going to do what is needed to win that National Championship game."

JH: What about LSU?

PJ: "We have been working on LSU a great deal and they are a very competitive team. They match-up with us very well with their defense and down lines. They have a good secondary and they blitz a whole lot and probably more than us. On both sides of the ball they match-up with us in a good way. I know that LSU is going through two-a-days now, but no matter how hard they may be practicing we are going to make sure that we match that. Make no mistake about it, we are getting ready for them."

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