RECRUITING: Florida DT has OU in top three

Florida DT Emmanuel Dunbar talks about his impressive season and his interest in Oklahoma.


JH: How did your season wind up?

MD: "We went to the state semi-finals and we lost to Orlando Edgewater by three points. We could have won the game and it was tough to lose that game."

JH: How did you finish individually?

MD: "I had 17 sacks and 112 tackles through 14 games. I play defensive end and defensive tackle. I play mostly defensive tackle, but I got at least eight of my sacks from defensive end. Different schools look at me at defensive end and defensive tackle. It doesn't matter which one I play in college. I think I can play both equally well."

JH: Aren't you playing basketball right now?

MD: "I am playing basketball and I start at small forward. We have a 6-foot-7 guy and a 6-6 guy on our team and we are pretty good. We have lost only one game this year. I average 16 ppg, seven rpg and two assists."

JH: What has happened in your recruiting thus far?

MD: "I have only visited N.C. State thus far. It was nice, because the football team was very close. The team did everything together and hung out together everywhere. The coaches and players got along well and when I got there everybody knew me, so they took some time to get to know us."

JH: What is set up for you in January?

MD: "On the ninth I will visit South Florida then Oklahoma on the 16th, Virginia Tech on the 24th and Florida State on the 31st."

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

MD: "I like Oklahoma a lot. It seems like a nice school, but I can't really say anything more until I visit. I have no idea what the players are coaches are like. Well, I know one coach real well and Coach (Darrell) Wyatt is a great guy. Everything about Oklahoma seems pretty good, but again I need to visit OU to see what it is really like."

JH: You have always seemed to like Oklahoma a lot, is that still the case?

MD: "Yes, there is no question that OU is at the top of my list or definitely in my top three. I would have to say that N.C. State and Florida State."

JH: You are visiting a several schools in different parts of the country, was that planned?

MD: "That is just the way it turned out."

JH: Do you still feel comfortable about leaving the state if you find a school that you liked best out of state?

MD: "It really doesn't matter if I stay in state or not. I really don't know what is going to happen in the future, but it really doesn't matter."

JH: Oklahoma has had success with Florida athletes before. Will that fact have any influence on your decision?

MD: "It makes a difference, but we are different people. I don't know if it will work for me or not. I think that fact does give me some history as far as OU and Florida kids goes. I am sure that I can fit in well at OU."

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