RECRUITING: What they wanted for Christmas

Several of OU's committed recruits tell just what was on their Christmas list this year.

Okay, so you didn't get those Sugar Bowl tickets, Adrian Peterson still hasn't committed to Oklahoma and Osama bin Laden's whereabouts remain unknown this morning.

Instead, you got an emergency roadside flare kit, long underwear and maybe if you're really lucky, fruitcake with real brandy.

Don't worry, there's always next Christmas. Until then, here's a holiday helping of gifts a few of Oklahoma's committed 2004 football recruits asked for this Christmas:

Corey Bennett (6-3, 260, San Antonio, Texas): "I want the Sooners to win it all. Besides that, I really want some money. That's it, because then I'll be able to buy everything I want."

Rhett Bomar (6-3, 195, Grand Prairie, Texas): "I asked for some new clothes from Hollister (Company) and Old Navy to wear to the U.S. Army All-American game and some spending money. I also asked for Madden 2004."

Brett Bowers (6-1, 186, Jacksonville, Florida): "I want to play in the California-Florida All-Star game. I want some money for some sweaters and t-shirts from Abercrombie & Fitch and Aqua East."

Ramarcus Brown (6-0, 165, East Point, Georgia): "I didn't ask for nothing."

Quentin Chaney (6-6, 230, Tulsa, Oklahoma): "I want to go the Sugar Bowl, but I don't think I'm going to make it. I also asked for money, so I can save it back. I might buy a few things like a couple pairs of shoes, probably some Jordan's."

Alan Davis (6-2, 240, Colleyville, Texas): "All I want for Christmas is for OU to go ahead and win that national championship and then repeat it again next year. I don't have a real long list this year, but I'd also like a new computer and some new winter clothes like sweaters and jeans, because it's going to be kind of cold next year."

Garrett Hartley (5-9, 176, Southlake, Texas): "A national championship would be a nice gift. Money always spends, so that works too. I already got a pair of Birkenstock shoes, but I'd really like a lift kit, wheels and tires for my truck, but that's not going to happen."

Lendy Holmes (6-2, 180, Dallas, Texas): "I didn't really ask for much. I need some clothes, especially drawers, t-shirts and muscle shirts. I want some shoes too. I'd really love to have a national championship."

J.D. Quinn (6-3, 275, Mesquite, Texas): "I already got what I asked for, it's a brand new 2003 Dodge Quad Cab truck that's fire engine red. I'd still like a new pair of tennis shoes."

Fred Strong (6-2, 190, Austin, Texas): "I've already got everything basically. I can always use more clothes and shoes, but more than anything, I want OU to win the Sugar Bowl."

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