Recruiting: Colorado DE has new leader

Aurora, Colo. defensive end talks about his visit to Norman and where the Sooners now stand


"My visit went great. I met with Coach (Bob) Stoops and the players and toured the campus. The campus was lovely, and there was nothing downsized about what I thought about the university. The football program was great and it seems that everybody associated with the program was top notch. They are already ranked second in the country and have won a national title last year. The game wasn't the greatest, because Baylor wasn't that good, but OU did alright."

"As of right now Oklahoma is number one on my list. While I was there I could picture myself wearing their uniform and already being a part of their team. The guys and the coaches already have made me feel like I am a part of their team. When I was walking around campus with Coach (Bobby Jack) Wright he was a really a cool guy and made me feel at home. It's just a great atmosphere to play college football in."

"The only thing that kept me from committing is that I still want to see the other schools right now. That's it, really. I don't want to make my decision without looking at a couple of other schools. OU has a step ahead of everybody else."

"I am still going to UCLA (12-8), Miami (12-15), Colorado (11-23) and probably Notre Dame, but that wouldn't be until January. I am looking for a program where I can fit in and not be an outcast. I want a school where I can feel at home and I know I can get that feeling at Oklahoma."

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