Tuesday's Press Conference Quotebook

Excerpts from Oklahoma Head Coach Bob Stoops' weekly press luncheon Tuesday in Norman

Opening statements on the Baylor game
Good solid win. Feel good about the way we're playing, offensively, moving the ball for over 400 yards. I thought Jason White was excellent in the way he played in his first starting role. I felt we ran the ball well. The sacks take away those yards, if you just look at total yards, but our running game was effective and created some plays, which were a factor in a game.

The defense was strong again. We gave up one drive through the game, but outside of that we played a strong game, especially the first half, really giving up very little and putting us in position with the offense to get up 27-7.

The disappointing part of the game was the kickoff return and the fumble. The kickoff return would be more of a concern if it had been something that had happened to us quite often. We came into that game leading the league in covering kickoffs for six football games. Not just one or two, but for six. We had one player get overzealous and get out of position and helped create that and their player made a heck of a play.

And then fumbling the kickoff return in our territory and giving them a field goal is something where we feel we can hold onto the ball. Curtis (Fagan) has held onto it in a good way. Those are some areas that I think are very correctable and again, have not been problems for us overall.

Baylor's an improving team. It's noticeable every week that they play. It's a good win in the Big 12 South.

On Nebraska
We're all excited to be competing this week with Nebraska. To be going Lincoln to play an excellent football team. A team that is as well-coached as anybody in the country. A team that plays with discipline and is very physical and tough the way they play. We understand to go up there and compete with them that we need to do the same things. Be disciplined. Be very physical, tough in how we play. We understand that it's a great challenge. It excites us. We're looking forward to the challenge of it all.

[Note: Look for more comments from Coach Stoops during today's press conference about Nebraska posted on the home page later this week.]

On OU's offensive line play against Baylor
We had some good plays and some bad. I think there was a few occasions, on some sacks, that we could have played better. But overall, our offensive line was fairly solid. Anytime you can put up 400 yards of offense overall, we were pretty strong. I believe as we go through this week we'll have a little more continuity. A little more discipline in what we're doing. We'll feel good about it coming into the game.

On not being awarded points in the BCS for beating the same team twice as would be the case in the Big 12 championship game
I think there needs to be points awarded for playing a championship game and winning one. My reasons for saying that is you're going to play an excellent football team and sometimes for the second time. It would encourage other people to play championship games. For instance, if Miami is concerned that their strength of schedule is not what it needs to be, and an ACC school may be in the same situation, they have an opportunity by playing a championship game against each other to get awarded points that will help their strength of schedule.

On a potential play-off to decide the national champion
Everybody's against the fact that it's too long and we don't want tear down the bowl system, which I'm in full agreement with. I think the bowl system is necessary. I've constantly said that I felt the Independence Bowl was a springboard for us to win a national championship. So they're all important. But this way, maybe you have championship weekend the first weekend in December and you have however many champions from around the country playing each other. And now, you determine the BCS after that weekend and maybe it's a little clearer. There will probably still be some debate here and there, but still, there would be a lot of great games to watch and then you sort of have a mini-one day playoff to set up the BCS.

On Trent Smith's play over the last two games and if they were focusing on getting him more involved
Trent is constantly been a strong factor in our offense. He's been in some positions that we like to match up or felt we had an opportunity to get him the ball and we did. Some of it's going to him and other times it's just part of the offense and the reads that our quarterbacks go through.

On if they are addressing the teams third quarter scoring woes Yeah, we have halftime now at practice. We go into the locker room, sit down, get the Gatorade out. Then we come back out and practice. (Stoops said jokingly)

We did, offensively yesterday, I got a chuckle out of it. We did break up all the offensive coaches, separated with their players and had a little break. Had some Gatorade. Talked real nice to them. And then we said alright here comes the third quarter, let's go practice again. We practiced pretty tough, so we'll have to see if it carries over.

We need to come out more concentrated and with the same intensity like we played in the first half. We need to come out that way in the third quarter and it seems like it's been more our offense than anything. Hopefully we'll be aware of that and correct it a little bit.

On if they considered changing anything they do in the locker room at halftime
I don't know why we would. It's been fairly successful for us over the long haul. I don't know what we could do. If you have any suggestions, give them to me.

On Jason White getting sacked eight times against Baylor
It was fairly obvious watching it that some of it is in Jason's hands. He has opportunities to get rid of the football, particularly on first or second down. Had a couple (of situations) that were very simple to throw the ball away. If they cover our back on an inside shovel pass, throw it at is feet. We have a certain trick play on if we're covered to throw it to the tuba player, as Coach Mangino says. There are some situations like that Jason will learn from and be more experienced as he goes.

Everybody loves to complement Jason for all his running ability and he creates the plays by sometimes holding onto the ball and making plays. When that happens, sometimes they aren't great plays. Sometimes they get him and you get lost yardage. Sometimes he's got to balance when's in the right situation to take off and make something happen or when is the right situation to get rid of the ball. And the other times, again, I believe there were a couple breakdowns that we didn't handle a certain blitz or communicate well enough up front to handle something, which happens in about every game.

On the arrests of linebacker Teddy Lehman and Lance Donley last weekend
I know of the incident. I'm fully aware of the incident. I feel very comfortable that they'll be disciplined in our program like we always handle it internally. They will play Saturday. I don't believe the incident that happened warrants suspension. I feel comfortable in our position on that.

On where he rates his offense, defense and special teams at this point of the season
I feel good about where we're at. We've been stopping people defensively. We've been scoring points. I find it humorous the last couple of weeks to hear people say our offense is struggling. We've had 800 yards of offense in two games and about 71 points. I'll take that struggling every day. You take care of the turnovers, you have a chance and I like the way we've been operating.

And special teams, for us our special teams have been strong. You get a return, you go through a whole season that's going to happen here and there, but overall that hasn't happened to us consistently. Consistently, we've been very good on our special teams. I feel good about where we're at.

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