RECRUITING: Patterson can't wait to play for OU

Chicago LB Chris Patterson talks about Adrian Peterson's commitment and coming to OU next season.

SAN ANTONIO—Chicago linebacker Chris Patterson talks about Adrian Peterson's commitment, his future at Oklahoma and the Sugar Bowl during an exclusive interview after today's U.S. Army All-American Bowl Game. What is your reaction to Adrian Peterson's commitment to Oklahoma today?

Patterson: "I always had a feeling he was going to make the move (to Oklahoma). I'm just glad the rest of the public knows now. It's going to be fun in practice going head-to-head. We did a little trash talking (to each other) while we were down here (San Antonio). He's a good back though. I thought we did a pretty good job containing him today. He broke a few runs, but it's cool." What is your opinion of the future at Oklahoma?

Patterson: "Next year, we won't have to worry about the BCS. We're going undefeated." What aspect of Oklahoma's team are you most excited about?

Patterson: "Their team speed. I've been dying to play with guys that are fast. It'll be nice not to have to carry the load all the time, because everybody does their part (at Oklahoma)." What are your thoughts on Coach Stoops?

Patterson: "He's a good guy. He's put together a heck of a team. He makes me proud to be a Sooner." Last question, who is going to win the Sugar Bowl?

Patterson: "The Sooners all the way 21-7. I'm not expecting too much of a blowout, because I think it'll be a good game. I'm hoping they (Oklahoma) dominate on defense. I don't think LSU's offense matches up with Oklahoma's offense at all."

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