RECRUITING: Sooners land Duncanville DB

Duncanville, Texas defensive back Pierre Brown talks about his commitment to Oklahoma.

Ducanville, Texas defensive back talks about his commitment to Oklahoma, his future in Norman and tonight's Sugar Bowl in an exclusive interview. Is it true that you have committed to Oklahoma?

Brown: "Yes. I did it yesterday." Congratulations. What prompted your decision?

Brown: "I was watching a couple of games yesterday, like the U.S. Army (All-American Bowl) Game and just decided I'd do it. I've been wanting to go to Oklahoma since my visit (on Dec. 12), so I talked to my family about it and went on and did it." So the U.S. Army All-American Bowl Game inspired you to commit?

Brown: "It really did. It made my decision that much easier." What other schools were you considering?

Brown: "LSU, Texas A&M, Kansas State, Arkansas and Oklahoma State." Why did you pick Oklahoma over LSU?

Brown: "They were recruiting me as a DB too. I talked to Coach Venables about that and he sent me some information about that, which really helped me. Last year and this year, LSU is recruiting a lot of DBs. I mean a lot, a lot. I wasn't worried about playing time, because I knew I'd work my way up, but I don't know anything about the SEC anyway." Which Oklahoma coach did you inform of your commitment?

Brown: "Coach Venables." What was his response to your commitment?

Brown: "He was real happy. We didn't talk long, because he was about to watch a movie, but he said he was going to come visit me this week. I think he was surprised by it (my commitment), because I kept telling him I was going to wait (until Signing Day)." What is your opinion of Coach Venables?

Brown: "He's real cool. He keep it real with me. He never played around on anything. He told me how it really was. We had a real good conversation when he came to my house." Had you planned on waiting to announce your decision on Signing Day?

Brown: "Yeah, I had or until after my LSU visit, which was supposed to be Jan. 16." What was the deciding factor in your decision to pick Oklahoma?

Brown: "When I took my visit there, the players and coaches were all cool. It's a good program. Everything was just good for me. There's a lot of guys there from around me, so Oklahoma is kind of like a home away from home really. Plus, it's not far from here (Duncanville), so I drive back home when I want." During your visit, which Oklahoma players did you spend the most time with?

Brown: "Mark Clayton was pretty cool. I really it off with my host, Demario Pleasant." What are your thoughts on Adrian Peterson's commitment?

Brown: "I talked to him about it during our visit together, so I kind of figured he was going to OU. It's real neat he's coming." What position do you anticipate playing at Oklahoma?

Brown: "Defensive back, but I'll play whatever position they'll put me at." Waco defensive back Marcus Walker is reportedly close to committing to the Sooners. Is that why you committed before Signing Day, so you wouldn't have to worry about a scholarship being left for you at Oklahoma?

Brown: "Not really. I didn't even know he's close. If I would have wanted to wait, I would have." What is your greatest strength on the football field?

Brown: "My speed really. I've got good vision and can break on the ball real fast." In what area do you need the most improvement?

Brown: "I'll have to get adjusted to the speed of the college game. I also need to get a little more strength in my legs. I can always get faster too." Do you expect to play or redshirt next season?

Brown: "I don't know. I assume I'll probably redshirt. But that's not a big deal. I'd rather redshirt than get a little bit of playing time, when I could have redshirted and gotten more prepared." How excited are you about your future at Oklahoma?

Brown: "Very (excited). I wanted to commit there on my last day of my visit, but I decided I'd check out Kansas State. Once I did that, I figured there was no sense wasting anybody else's time, so I decided to go where I needed to go. I can't say enough about being a Sooner. It's going to be real good." Last question, who is going to win tonight's Sugar Bowl?

Brown: "OU all the way. The score will be 28-14. They're going to win, because they're coming off a loss and they're going to be more hungry for a win. They're determined to avenge the loss to Kansas State, because they lost the Big 12 championship."

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