RECRUITING: Wolfe ready to make instant impact

Lawton Eisenhower running back D.J. Wolfe says will arrive in Norman this week ready to stake his claim as OU's starting running back in 2004.

Lawton, Oklahoma tailback D.J. Wolfe talks about graduating from high school last month, Adrian Peterson's recent commitment and his early enrollment at Oklahoma later this week in an exclusive interview. Congratulations on your high school graduation last month. What does that accomplishment mean to you?

Wolfe: "It's exciting, because it just means I'm that much closer to my dream of playing in the NFL." Spring classes at Oklahoma begin on Monday. On what day will you arrive in Norman?

Wolfe: "I'm going to try and come up on Friday or Saturday." Why didn't you play in the U.S. Army All-American Game?

Wolfe: "I was supposed to play, but I didn't feel like going, because of Christmas break. I just wanted to relax and spend some time with my family. I didn't want to participate in it." Were you invited to travel with Oklahoma to the Sugar Bowl?

Wolfe: "Coach Stoops and Coach Gundy talked to me about going when they came to my house on Dec. 8. They wanted me to go, but I didn't feel like I deserved it." Did you watch the U.S. Army All-American Bowl Game?

Wolfe: "No, I didn't, because I was out and about, but my dad and uncle were calling me with updates. Once Adrian Peterson committed, I got about 20 phone calls at one time. Everyone was talking about how there's going to be two of us at Oklahoma. Coach Gundy and Coach Stoops also called. They had just gotten out of a meeting. They said we could both come in and make Oklahoma what it was once (running the ball)." What is your opinion of Peterson's commitment?

Wolfe: "I love him. Anytime, you can get the number one player in the country on your team, I'm all for it, even though we play the same position. That's going to challenge both of us. Like I've told Adrian personally in the two times we've talked, I don't have a problem with him coming to Oklahoma. That just means both of us will have to push our game and ourselves to get playing time. I feel like I have the upper hand against him, but who knows. Kejuan Jones is already there (at Oklahoma), so he's got both of us right now." What are thoughts on Oklahoma's performance in the Sugar Bowl?

Wolfe: "We don't play good at all. Next year, hopefully, we should get back to the national championship. We should be a lot better." In your opinion, where does Oklahoma need the most improvement offensively?

Wolfe: "At the running back position, but with Adrian Peterson and myself coming in, we should be fine. Add in Jason (White) coming back next year and everything should all fall into place. I'd be very shocked if we don't win a national title or at least be in the running for one." How do you feel about enrolling at Oklahoma early?

Wolfe: "It'll be real good for me mentally, so I can get prepared for the college game. The half year will also help me get used to that college atmosphere, so unless I redshirt, I shouldn't have anything to worry about (next season), because I'll won't be a regular freshman. I'll already be adapted to the enviroment. That will be very vital." Do you have any concerns about college?

Wolfe: "On the football field, no. Besides that, I guess classes will be the biggest difference between high school and college. I just hope I can do that good." Do you know what player you will be rooming with?

Wolfe: "I don't know. They haven't told me who my roommate will be yet. I'm looking forward to seeing who that will be." Who are some of the players you anticipate spending the most time with?

Wolfe: "I'll probably hang with Tashard Choice, Moe Dampeer, Demario Pleasant and Larry Birdine as well as the rest of the team." With Signing Day less than a month away, who are some of the uncommitted recruits you would like to see choose the Sooners?

Wolfe: "Boy, I love Early Doucet. I'd love to get him and then Herman Johnson to block." Will you redshirt next season?

Wolfe: "I don't anticipate that happening." In what areas do you need to improve the most to contribute as a true freshman?

Wolfe: "Physicality. I need to get in the weight room with Coach Schmidt. I'm looking forward to that." What are your goals for your freshman season?

Wolfe: "I want to be the starter from the first game to the end of the season. I'm going to prove that I deserve to be there." Last question, when was the last time you talked with your friend Reggie Smith of Edmond Santa Fe and to which school do you think he will eventually commit?

Wolfe: "We talked on Dec. 15 at an All-State photo shoot. I reminded him then that I was about to start school in a month and told him it'd be nice if he joined me in a year. He just smiled and said maybe."

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