RECRUITING: Two trips left for Chicago OL

Coveted Chicago OL Roland Martin talks recruiting and about his experience at the Army All-Star game.


JH: How did you enjoy your experience of playing in the Army All-Star game?

RM: "I just thought it was going to be a really good game with some great competition, which it was. It was a great experience for me, and it was nice to win the game."

JH: You didn't play offensive tackle did you?

RM: "I played offensive guard. It was a new experience for me and I enjoyed it. I learned a lot about myself, because I proved that I could bump down and go against the stronger guys and not just stay outside and chase the fast guys. I was pretty pleased with how things went. I felt that I played pretty good, especially against the competition that I was going against."

JH: What players impressed you the most?

RM: "Everybody was great. I have never seen that many good players together. I was so impressed with everybody and I can't say anything bad about anybody. They were all so strong, big and fast and they were tremendous athletes."

JH: Did the fact you played so well in the game prove to you that you are ready for college?

RM: "I think this proved that I am ready for college, but I have always felt that. But it did show me that I need to get bigger and stronger, and that is only because those guys that I played against and those in college will be getting bigger and stronger, and I want to feel good about myself."

JH: Was there a lot of recruiting going on?

RM: "Most of the players were telling me that I should come to my school and stuff like that. Demonte Bolton, who has committed to Tennessee, and Rhett Bomar, who has committed to OU, talked to me the most."

JH: Is your visit schedule the same at this point and are your favorites the same?

RM: "Yeah, nothing has changed. I am still considering the same old teams. I am going to Oklahoma (1-16) and then Tennessee (1-23). I don't want to name a leader at this point. I want to go into my visits open-minded, so that I can make the right choice for me."

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