RECRUITING: OL commit enrolling early

Garland, Texas offensive lineman J.D. Quinn says he'll be in Norman this Saturday.

Garland, Texas offensive lineman J.D. Quinn talks about his graduating from high school last month, enrolling at Oklahoma this week and his recent wrist surgery during an exclusive interview. Congratulations on your recent high school graduation. What does that accomplishment mean to you?

Quinn: "It's been pretty cool, especially today, because I didn't have to go to (high) school, but my friends did. On Monday, it'll all even out, because I'll be taking 15 hours at OU." Spring classes at Oklahoma start on Monday. On what day will you arrive in Norman?

Quinn: "I'll be up there on Saturday. Hopefully, it'll all work out. I'm pretty much all packed up, but I still need to do some laundry." How do you feel about enrolling at Oklahoma early?

Quinn: "I'm excited about embarking on a new adventure, preferably one that's a lot more enjoyable and fun. High school is a good time, but college is better." What will you major in at Oklahoma and why?

Quinn: "Business management, because I really don't know what I want to do after college. A business degree should get me a lot further than a quite a few other degrees. Honestly, I'd really like to coach, but I don't want to get a kinesiology degree, because that's kind of a useless degree. I kind of want to do something more challenging then that." Do you know what player you are going to room with?

Quinn: "They haven't told me yet. I would assume I'm going to room with D.J. (Wolfe), because we're both going early. I could be wrong, but that is the rational thing to me. He does play running back, but that doesn't bother me. We're both offensive-minded. I'll do whatever they (Oklahoma's coaches) tell me. I'm open to anything." Who are some of the players you anticipate spending the most time with?

Quinn: "My recruiting host, Chris Bush. I personally thought we hit it off pretty well. When I visited three weeks ago, I really tried to be myself, because I wanted everybody to know me for who I am. I'm pretty outgoing, so I had a great time." Most Oklahoma fans are unaware that you tore a ligament in your right wrist in September. What is the latest on the injury?

Quinn: "I had surgery on Friday on my torn scapholunate, which is the same exact injury Josh Heupel had. Luckily, since I'm not a quarterback, it won't end my career, because I don't need the range of motion I'm going to lose. Once I get my soft case off on Friday, I'll be in a hard cast for two months. After that, they'll take the three pins out of my wrist and I'll be in another hard cast for a month, but right now, it hurts like hell." Will you be allowed to participate in spring drills?

Quinn: "Oh yeah, it won't stop me from playing. I can't participate in strenuous upper body activity for six months, but I'll be a squatting fool by the time it's all said and done. After working so hard to overcome mononucleosis earlier this season, how disappointing is this injury?

Quinn: "It's been a nightmare. It kind of kills all the enthusiasm to go early and really work hard, but I'll work through it. I'm just one step away from being where I need to be." Last time we talked, you weighed 250 pounds and were trying to get back to your weight of 286 pounds before your bout with mononucleosis. Have you made any progress gaining weight?

Quinn: "I'm about 265 or 270. I can't work out much, because of my wrist, so I'm not trying to put on a lot of fat. I'm still a big guy, but I'm not Herman Johnson." With Signing Day just a little more than a month away, who are some of the uncommitted recruits you would like to see choose Oklahoma?

Quinn: "I wanted Jeff (Schweiger) to come, but he obviously committed to USC. I like him a lot. He wasn't just a good athlete. I could have definitely seen myself hanging out with him, but he was a California boy, he didn't like Oklahoma. I hope we get Herman (Johnson) and Jason (Watkins). What are your thoughts on Adrian Peterson's recent commitment?

Quinn: "He told me a long time ago. After I committed, I called him and (Rhett) Bomar to bullshit with them, which I do occasionally, and he told me then he was going to OU. That was six months ago. On his visit, he kind of let everybody know under the table." What is your greatest strength on the football field?

Quinn: "My brain or my quickness. When you explain something to me, I pick up on it quickly and adjust well. Audibles have never been a problem for me." In what areas do you need to improve the most to contribute as a true freshman?

Quinn: "Strength. The last time I benched I think I hit 295. By the end of my true freshman year, I'd like to be able to bench 495. I know that's probably not possible, but hell, if you set a goal, you might as well go big. There's no point in setting you can reach in a year. Hell, this is a five-year program. I'd like to walk out of there with arms that lift 500 or 600 pounds, no questions asked." What are your goals for your first semester at Oklahoma?

Quinn: "My first priority is a very high GPA. Second, I want to get as strong as I possibly can. I don't care what I have to do. Mentally, I can play college football, but physically, I'm smaller and weaker. I've never been the strongest guy on the team, but I've always had quickness and my brain. That should help me level out what I don't have." Do you expect to play or redshirt as a true freshman?

Quinn: "That hasn't been talked about yet. Every time I try to bring that up, they (OU's coaches) say don't worry about that, get here, do what you can and we'll decide later. If they feel I'm at a level to compete, I want to play. If I'm not physically there yet, I'm perfectly fine with redshirting. I'm not in any rush to get out there, but if I'm physically ready, then I want to play. There's no doubt about that." What are your thoughts on Oklahoma's performance in the Sugar Bowl?

Quinn: "It was heartbreaking. LSU showed up and Oklahoma didn't. Then again, you still have to be good to get to that point. I still wore my Oklahoma hat and sweatshirt the next day. There was no question about that. I wasn't going to change my commitment or anything like that. I had two or three people call me and ask me if I was going to change my commitment, because of the game. Hell no, I'm not. I committed long before Oklahoma started the season. I never knew they were going to be this good. I wanted to go to Oklahoma from Day One. The loss is disappointing, but they still had a hell of a year. You can't take that away from them. People are going to remember that team forever." Where does Oklahoma need the most improvement?

Quinn: "The offense more than the defense. I thought the defense played pretty well. They did give up 21 points, but the offense wouldn't have had 14 points without the defense. Jason (White) didn't have a great game, which hurt a little bit, but he's still a great quarterback. Everybody has an off day or off night. I didn't think the offense line gave Jason that great of protection either. Everybody needs to have a better game." What are your expectations for Oklahoma next season?

Quinn: "I'm really pumped. I wish they would have won it (a national championship), but there will be better teams. I feel bad for teams next year, because we're going to get it (a national championship)."

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