Stoops on Nebraska

Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops celebrates on the sideline as time runs out during the Sooners 31-14 win over top-ranked Nebraska last season in Norman.

On Nebraska quarterback Eric Crouch
Great player. Eric Crouch is an excellent player that has speed, he has toughness, he has power. He is, without question, the nucleus and key member in their offensive attack. Everything that happens in their offense, he's a part of. He has the ability to make plays. He's a great player.

On if Nebraska has as powerful of an offensive line this year as they've had in the past
I believe so. They're big, strong, physical players that have been very productive so far this year. I believe they're consistent to what they've had.

On Nebraska's option compared to the other option attacks OU has faced this year against Air Force and Kansas State
Air Force is more a triple option and a double-slot wishbone-type option. Kansas State has many similar plays that Nebraska has, along with different ones. It's always hard to compare, but there are similarities and there are differences.

On if Nebraska's tall tight ends and receivers pose any problem for OU's defense
They've just got to jump higher when they throw them the ball. They're big, strong guys.They're excellent blockers as well.

On Nebraska tight end Tracy Wistrom
Tracy does a great job. He's got excellent speed for a tight end. Excellent hands. He is a big weapon in that you get so concentrated in stopping the run game, they like to sneak him behind you, or outside of you in different ways that as a player and as a defense we are very aware of and constantly keying.

On keeping the teams emotions down and not overpursuing plays on defense like they did last year in the first quarter against Nebraska
We've had a lot of big games since then as well, and the experience in that game will help them. I think at that time we were coming off an off-week that also may or may not have been a factor. I think our players are much more seasoned in this type of atmosphere today then they were at that time last year.

On Nebraska's defense
Nebraska's defense has been strong all year. You look at the way they've played, the few points they've given up, the few yards they've given up. They've been strong.

Tech got some big plays and executed in some situations to create those plays. Tech made some plays on them, but I also no through the year their defense has been very strong.

On if Crouch is Nebraska's best runner
Their tailbacks are very good as well. They run so much quarterback run game, be it options, draws, quarterback leads. They have every quarterback run play that's been invented and they keep inventing more. He carries the ball every bit as much as anybody on their offense, and probably the most.

On if Crouch is a better passer this year
Yes, but I felt he was a good thrower last year. He started off the game and threw some very good balls that worked us and one was a touchdown. We've respected his throwing ability last year. I imagine, like anybody with another year of experience, he's better at it this year then he was a year ago.

On if playing at Memorial Stadium in Lincoln will be the most challenging environment his team has faced yet
I don't know how you compare that. We've been in some challenging atmospheres and I'm sure this will be as equal as any. We understand that, but I also think it has a way of exciting and has your team ready as well.

On Mike Stoops' comments that Nebraska's offense is the toughest to prepare for in college football
I wouldn't argue with him. I've said it a number of times. They're as intricate at developing schemes to run the football as any dynamic pass offense. They're very disciplined and thorough in how they create seams to run the football. To stop them you've got to be equally as disciplined and be in position to read it out, and then be physical when you get there to take it on and tackle. Like I said, they keep inventing new run plays and you've got to keep reading them out and figuring out ways to try and stop them.

On Nebraska staying at the top of college football on an annual basis
That's why everybody here has great respect for their program. It is very impressive and a complement to their administration, as well as their entire program the way they've been able to sustain it and do things right.

On if he sees the OU-Nebraska as more of a rivalry of respect than the OU-Texas rivalry
I don't know. I can't speak for them, but we respect Texas. This rivalry has always determined a conference champion, not always, but so many times has determined a conference champion between Nebraska and OU. This game has not only determined the conference championship, but you look at both these schools with 12 national championships between them and so many times, whoever has the conference championship has a chance to compete for the national championship. I just think it's being in the conference longer together is what the difference is.

On if he will use films from old Oklahoma-Nebraska games to inspire the team like he did last year
I think it's important that our players truly understand the traditional and history of this game and respect it. Respect the players that have been here before and how they played in those games. I think it's good that they know and understand as much about their program as they can.

I wanted our players to understand and know that being here at Oklahoma, this is how we are supposed to play. This is how, traditionally, our team has played. And traditionally, Oklahoma has stood there and played with anybody and played well. And in fact, has played well against Nebraska, here at OU or in Lincoln. I felt it was important that they understood that. That was them, that was their heritage.

That's what it is and we needed to play at that level. I wanted them to realize that they could. I believe it gave us the attitude or it helped us with the attitude to go into the football game and feel confident that we're ready for this.

On his memories of the OU-NU series growing up
I remember watching two of the best coached teams in the country play. Both teams were always very well-coached. Watching great players on the field that the whole country knew about. And watching exciting plays. The breakaway plays on both sides. I couldn't wait to watch this game as a young person.

I can remember back to Steve Owens, and what a big, strong guy this is that's running the ball. I remember Johnny Rodgers and the great returns that he had. Greg Pruitt and some of the games he had. I'm not smart enough to remember the details of them all, but I can remember those players and the plays they made.

On if the loser of this game still has a realistic shot at the national title
Probably so, if both teams are able to win out and meet in the championship game. I would imagine that would have a chance to happen. I'm sure there's a possibility.

On the possibility of scheduling Nebraska during the years OU does not play them in conference play
I don't know how you could unless you want to change the league and how you play the games. I don't know how the setup would work. There's no sense in me even worrying about it.

On how much Jason White's experience playing in a big game against Texas will help against Nebraska
I think it will help him greatly. His experience in that game and his experience in the last two. Experience is experience.

When you're out there playing you don't realize the setting, you don't hear anybody. It gets down to the experience of playing. He gets better the more he plays. I believe he'll handle it well. The bottom line is you're playing against a good team. You've got to outperform them or make more plays than they do. Jason will go in there going after it like everybody else. That's what you feel good about.

On if he feels good about Nebraska having played in more big games this season
I don't know if it's an advantage. They have guys that have been around awhile that have been in big games. We understand what it takes to compete in these games, but I'm sure they do as well.

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