Recruiting: Update on Jenks star Bryan Pickryl

Jenks defensive end talks about his trip to Texas and the status of his injured shoulder


JH: How is your shoulder injury recovering?
BP: We ended up taking the brace off and I think I will play without it. The brace we were wearing was slipping.I have played with the shoulder the past two games and it hasn't slipped at all. I only passed a quarter and a half before the starters were pulled against Owasso. I don't know what my stats were, but I am not going to have many. They only ran the ball once against the first team defense.

JH: How was your visit to Texas
BP: The visit went real well. I ended up getting thrown in with a bunch of the guys and I had a great opportunity to meet and hang out with a bunch of their players. They really made me feel at home. Texas beat Colorado and it was a great win for them. I got to understand a game weekend for Texas. I got to meet a lot of players who I would be playing with if I went there. I met all the coaches and got a chance to see them work and how they handle their business.

JH: Did your visit to Texas opinion of the school in any way?
BP: Texas is one of the top schools that I am considering. It helps that I had a chance to see the team chemistry. I got a chance to go through their entire game day routine and I even had a chance to watch film with them. It was a great opportunity to help me form an opinion about the school.

JH: Since you are going to be graduating from high school in December, are you going to have surgury on your shoulder before or after you go to college?
BP: No, I am thinking right now that I will probably go get the surgery at the school that I sign with. I think that is the best way to get it fixed by having the doctor that is going to do the surgery actually be around all the time. It's actually only one month or three weeks out where I can't move the shoulder and then I am working on the shoulder and getting more movement in the joint for the next three months. So, I can go through all the conditioning, but I just can't go through the physical practice. There is so much mental aspect of the game that I will need to learn, that I just feel it will be a big advantage for me to graduate early. I won't be that far behind if I have to get surgery.

JH: Do you have a leader at this time?
BP: I wouldn't say I have a leader. I am still looking at OU (12-15), Michigan (12-7) and UCLA. I am also looking at Miami, Northwestern and Tennessee. Of course Missouri and Texas are involved. I haven't ruled out anybody and I am still considering all of those schools. My top five schools are Michigan, Missouri, Texas, OU and UCLA.

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