RECRUITING: Is Patterson's verbal solid?

Chicago LB Chris Patterson talks about his verbal, the Army All-American game and his visit to OU.


JH: How are things going?

CP: "I am just working out now and I am not playing any other sports. School is going great. I am just trying to finish up strong my senior year."

JH: What do you hope to accomplish on your visit this weekend?

CP: "I look forward to meeting some of the other recruits that they are bringing in. I just want to hang out with some of my future teammates."

JH: Roland Martin, from you part of the country, is also visiting this weekend. I know you two have gotten to know one another, so are you talking up Oklahoma to him?

CP: "I talk to him, but I don't pressure him at all. I just talk to him about all his choices and the other schools that he is comparing OU to. I just try to drop certain hints about Oklahoma to him."

JH: "You have been committed to OU for some time, but do college coaches from other schools still call you or have they backed off?

CP: "To be quite frank, a lot of schools back off and that was just fine with me. That allowed me to just work on school, which was one of the main reasons why I committed to early in the first place."

JH: What did you think of your experience of playing in the Army All-Star game?

CP: "I thought it was real fun. I got a chance to play against guys that I will be playing against in my first college game. I played against Adrian Peterson and he is a great player, and I played against Rhett Bomar as well. I thought Rhett looked great out there. I thought the rules protected him a lot, because we couldn't blitz a lot. But he looked great. I am going to be playing with both of those guys, so I had a chance to get a few shots in before we got to Norman. My team won, so I had chance to trash talk a little bit."

JH: One internet rumor is that the new Nebraska coach has talked to you about visiting Nebraska. Is that true?

CP: "No, who is the new coach at Nebraska?"

JH: Do you want to talk to the new Nebraska coach?

CP: "I am totally committed to OU and I wouldn't talk to him anyway. I am not trying to be mean, but I don't need to talk to any other coaches by Oklahoma's."

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