RECRUITING: OU not too late for Florida safety

Miami, Fla. safety Lovon Ponder talks about his favorites and his interestin in Oklahoma.


JH: How did you like your visit to Georgia?

LP: "It was alright, but it was just OK. I liked it up there a little bit. The place is OK, but it really wasn't really my cup of tea. It is so far away from Atlanta that it bothered me. It is a college town. I didn't think there was that much to do, and Atlanta is too far from there to really take advantage of it."

JH: How would you compare the two schools that you have visited thus far?

LP: "I have visited North Carolina State and Georgia and I easily like North Carolina State better. They have a lot of Miami area players there and that made me feel at home at North Carolina State. Since you are hanging out with a lot of the guys from the same area even when there is nothing to do you can find something to do. I just felt at home at North Carolina State."

JH: Are you visiting anywhere this weekend?

LP: "I don't have any visit this weekend, because we have a basketball game this weekend. Then I go to Miami on the 23rd. I was originally going to Oklahoma on that weekend, but I am pushing that back until the 31st. Willie Williams and I wanted to make a visit together, and we both decided we could do that to Miami in the 23rd."

JH: What are you thoughts on Oklahoma?

LP: "I like their program and how they always ranked in the top five or six every year. I want to go to a program that is winning. Oklahoma also produces a number of great players like Brandon Everage, Derrick Strait, Teddy Lehman and Tommie Harris. Oklahoma plays great defense and that is evident by the fact that the last two years they have had the number one defensive player in the nation playing for them. OU does a great job of developing players in the secondary and that was evident by Strait, Everage and the other guys."

JH: Despite visiting OU so late, are you saying that you will definitely take that visit and that OU does have a legitimate chance at signing you?

LP: "Yes."

JH: How is your recruiting shaping up at the moment?

LP: "Right now Miami and North Carolina State are my favorites. Since I have never been to Oklahoma, it will be on visit that I will see if they are number one, two or three with me. I know they will be somewhere in that group, but I don't know where."

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