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October 28, 2001
Cornhuskers end Sooners' 20-game win streak: Daily Oklahoman

Loss doesn't end season for Sooners: Daily Oklahoman

Hybl finds helmet, way back onto field: Daily Oklahoman

Trick play a treat for NU: Daily Oklahoman

Big one gets away from Sooner offense: Daily Oklahoman

OU notebook: Daily Oklahoman

Enemy lines: Daily Oklahoman

Sooner scoop: Daily Oklahoman

Nebraska's big-play magic leaves OU at a loss: Dallas Morning News

QB battered as Sooners end up beaten: Dallas Morning News

Big plays turn up in reverse order: Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Hybl returns at QB: Ft. Worth Star-Telegram

Huskers pull Stuntz against Sooners: Omaha World-Herald

Injured Huskers anwer call: Omaha World-Herald

Stuntz becomes instant Husker legend: Omaha World-Herald

'Strange feeling' hits Oklahoma as streak ends: Omaha World-Herald

Husker trick play works magic on a day for fans to remember: Omaha World-Herald

Stoops' call backfires for OU, works later for Huskers: Lincoln Journal-Star

Swiney earns redemption with pickoff: Lincoln Journal-Star

Blackshirts bounce back, keep Sooners stymied: Lincoln Journal-Star

Freshman Stuntz makes mark already: Lincoln Journal-Star

Crouch's clutch play fuels talk of Heisman Trophy: Lincoln Journal-Star

Against OU, Huskers proved their mettle: Lincoln Journal-Star

Solich shows Oklahoma a thing or two: Lincoln Journal-Star

Huskers halt Sooners' streak:

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