RECRUITING: Signing day decision for Wisconsin DE?

Wisonsin DE Rhyan Anderson talks about his trip to Miami and when his decision could be made.


JH: How is everything going with you?

RA: "I am doing great. I am just laying down resting from the weekend."

JH: You just got back form Miami, so how was your trip?

RA: "It was pretty nice."

JH: Did you commit to the Hurricanes or are you still on the open market?

RA: "I am still on the open market. I am not going to commit until signing day."

JH: What were your thoughts on Miami?

RA: "It was pretty nice because I have never been there before. It was great to see Miami with all the palm trees and everything. I really liked their Strength and Conditioning coach. I think he is a major asset to their program."

JH: Did your visit to Miami change any of your thoughts on Miami?

RA: "I really don't feel any different about Miami than I did before. Before I was just getting all my information from other people and now I got to look at Miami from my point of view."

JH: How does recruiting stack up with you at this time?

RA: "I am going to narrow down my choices at the beginning of next week. I would say that Ohio State is my leader this weekend with Oklahoma a very close second. I am a little disappointed in Miami, because I was told I could wear my number there and now I don't think I can. They are trying to check on some things for me, but I don't think I am really going to be interested in Miami at this point because they haven't totally been up front with me on some things."

JH: What is it about Ohio State that has grabbed your interest?

RA: "Ohio State just doesn't seem to have anything to bad. I really get along with Coach Fickle (OSU DE Coach) and they seem to be more on the up and up with me than anybody else."

JH: What are you thoughts at this point on Oklahoma?

RA: "Everything is still good, but I really don't know what else I can say about OU. I am just waiting until signing day so that I can announce where I am going to school."

JH: Are you still saying that you know where you are going at this time, but you are just waiting to announce?

RA: "Yes."

JH: Then from your interview today is it safe to say that you are going to Ohio State?

RA: "No, I am not saying that at all. I am just going to wait until signing day and then I will let everybody know where I am going."

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