RECRUITING: Chaney likes his future at OU

Tulsa WR Quentin Chaney talks about his official visit to Ou and the status of his injured shoudler.


JH: How was your official visit to Norman this weekend?

QC: "I enjoyed myself and I really liked it. I had a lot of fun with the guys up there."

JH: Who was your host?

QC: "Tristen Ross was my host. We just kind of hung out at some parties and with some guys at the dorm. We had breakfast and lunch with the recruits and coaches at places like Outback and then in one of the skyboxes. The skybox was real nice. We also ate lunch at the Switzer Center and we had one of our dinners at Charleston's."

JH: Did you get a chance to talk tot the other recruits about coming to OU?

QC: "They seem to really enjoy themselves and had a lot of fun. I tried to talk to them quite a bit about coming to Oklahoma. They both sound like they are very interested."

JH: How do you feel you'll fit in as a receiver at OU?

QC: "I feel I will fit in very well at wide receiver. I have always felt that way and that hasn't changed."

JH: How is basketball season going thus far?

QC: "Our basketball season is going well. I am averaging about 12 points and 9-10 rebounds a game."

JH: Are you going to have surgery on your shoulder this summer?

QC: "I am not sure now. The shoulder is getting better and I have not had any problems lately. It has not popped out on me in a long time. I am going to go to a doctor and see what he says. Right now they think it is pretty stable and that I can get it well just doing therapy. So, we are playing it by ear right now."

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