RECRUITING: OU gets next shot at Okam

Dallas defensive tackle Franklin Okam talks about his trip to Florida and his upcoming visit to Norman.


JH: I understand you had some tough travel problems getting to and from Florida?

FO: "Every flight that I got delayed. In Dallas, they had a lot of rain and that delayed a light of flights. In Atlanta, the airport was just so busy that everything got pushed back. Going to Florida they had to send a private plane to get me, because there was no way that I was going to be able to get out of Atlanta to get to Gainsville commercially. On the way back I got stuck at Gainsville flying on Delta the plane was delayed getting out of Atlanta. Then I missed the flight out of Atlanta and had to get another and that flight got me into Dallas at midnight."

JH: What did you think of your visit to Florida?

FO: "They have great weather down there. The academic situation is better in the medicine field than most of the schools that I have been to. They have a lot of new buildings and they are building some more for their on campus for academics. For football, I thought the program was pretty good. I was looking at actually how young the team is and they will be young over the next couple of years. I talked to some of their defensive tackles and the told me that next year they have about five guys who will be seniors and graduate after next year, and then the position would be wide open for me. They are kind of a attacking style from what I can tell."

JH: Now that you are back from Florida how does that effect your recruiting?

FO: "I have taken two visits thus far and I need to take my final two so that I can make a decision. Sometimes visits can just confuse you more if you don't go about them in the right way."

JH: What are thoughts about visiting OU this weekend?

FO: "I am looking forward to meeting some of the coaches and players and getting a better understanding why they have one of the better defenses in the country. I have never been to Norman and I don't know anything about the City of Norman. I need to check out their academic situation, especially in the medical field."

JH: Are you leaning to any school at this point?

FO: I am trying to keep everything wide open so that I can make an intelligent decision. If you lean way too early then you don't give everybody a fair shot. I think that OU, Texas and Florida are among my top three choices right now."

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