Recruiting: Top Florida DE gets offer from OU

Miami defensive end says Sooners have some ground to make up, but will still get a visit


Wood has emerged as one of the top defensive ends in Florida and is now being considered one of the top defensive ends in the country. A two-year starter, Wood played defensive tackle, but this year he has split time between end and defensive tackle. Wood finished last year with 47 tackles and seven sacks a year ago on a team that finished 8-3.

"This year we are 6-3 and we have already made the playoffs," said Wood. "I am having a pretty good year with 55 tackles, seven sacks, 14 tackles for a loss, one fumble recovery and two caused fumbles. I am being double- and triple-teamed, but that hasn't stopped me from doing my job. Teams have gotten to the point that when they want to run the ball to my side they shift their two best offensive linemen to that side. Of course this gives away the play and they can't block me anyway."

Wood can bench 320 pounds, squats 460 and he starts in hoops (14 ppg, 15.1 rbpg) and at small forward.

Wood attended the Auburn summer camp and worked at defensive end and was so impressive that he earned a scholarship offer during the camp.

"I really like Auburn and Virginia Tech as my top two schools," said Wood. "I also like Florida State, North Carolina State, Michigan State, Miami and Oklahoma. Oklahoma defensive tackle coach Jackie Shipp offered me a scholarship and then he asked me if I thought he was joking. When I said that I thought that he was he put Head Coach Bob Stoops on the phone and he told me the offer was real. I liked talking to both of them. They told me some interesting stuff. I saw for myself that they only had two defensive ends the last game and they played the whole game," Wood continued.

"Education-wise, they told me that they have enough tutors to help me through any problem and that sounds good to me. I don't really have a favorite school right now, but I plan to visit Virginia Tech, Michigan State and Florida State. I will probably visit Oklahoma, but they are just now talking to me while those other schools have been talking to me the entire time. I will sit down with my coach and he will help me make a decision on where I should visit."

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