Recruiting: Pegram is Texas' best kicker

But is the Plano products commitment to Texas A&M solid?

TODD PEGRAM, PK, 5'11, 185, 4.9, PLANO WEST, TX:

Pegram is regarded as the top place kicker in Texas and one of the very best in the Big 12 area. As a sophomore, Pegram stayed at Shepton so that he could play both FS and WR, knowing that when he moved to West he would be solely a specialist. Last season, Pegram was 8-of-10 in field goals with a long of 47. Pegram hit 22-of-24 with two blocks.

Last year, Pegram spent most of the time with trick kickoffs and didn't get a chance to boom many. This year, Pegram has hit 7-of-10 with a long of 42 yards. He is perfect on extra points for a 5-3 squad. Pegram has been given the green light to boot the ball to the end zone on kickoffs and has responded by getting the ball there on at least 50 percent of his kicks.

Pegram can squat 350 pounds and went to the Notre Dame, Texas and Texas A&M camps this summer. Pegram also spent time at the Rob Pelfrey camp. Pelfrey serves as Pegram's kicking coach.

I have been kicking since the sixth and seventh grade," said Pegram. "I have always been real series about it, but I also like to be a football player and play other positions when I was younger. Every now and then I look at my teammates practicing and I wish I could be practicing with them. However, it is nice to concentrate on one thing."

"I am still committed to Texas A&M," said Pegram. "I wasn't really expecting to get any offers from any big schools, but I got an early offer from Notre Dame and that excited me. Then, Texas A&M offered me and I have always liked their program and I decided why not. I have talked to Oklahoma and I want to keep an open mind, but I am still a solid commitment to Texas A&M. Right now Texas A&M is my only visit. Cody Scates is doing both the kicking and punting and he is back next year. He will just punt next year and I will do the place kicking."

Pegram has boomed a 67-yard field goal in practice with a big wind behind him, but on a normal day he is a good from 55 yards

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