RECRUITING: Sooners among Juco DT's final three

Junior college defensive tackle Remi Ayodele talks about his visit to Norman.

Remi Ayodele, DT, 6-3, 280, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M JC, OK:

JH: How did your visit to OU go?

RA: "It went real well. Better than I thought."

JH: What did you expect going into the visit?

RA: "I had high expectations because it was OU. But because I went in so late I just didn't want to put too much into it. Norman was great and the players were great. I loved the coaching staff and I can see why they are so good. They are just tough, and to be that good you have to be tough."

JH: How can you tell that they are tough on a visit?

RA: "They like to win like most people do, but the reason they win is because they work hard. They make sure they tell you that on the visit. They tell you that they are going to have to work hard and you would have to work hard to make it. They don't give you anything. That impressed me a lot."

JH: Did the visit to OU enhance the Sooners chances of signing you?

RA: "Yes sir, it sure did."

JH: What schools are you still looking at right now?

RA: "I still have those other schools (Oklahoma State and Colorado) that are up there, and they have been recruiting me for a long time. I am still considering them and I will know where I am going by this weekend."

JH: Do you have a leader heading into the weekend?

RA: "No, I don't want to say I have a leader or anything. I just need to think things trough and come up with a decision by this weekend."

JH: OU will talk to your mom on Thursday. Is that something that you requested?

RA: "I just want them to talk to my mom, so my mom can get a feel of what is going on at OU. My mom talks to all the coaches of the schools that are interested in me, so I need the OU coaches to talk to my mom if they really have an interest in me."

JH: Is there a good chance that you will sign with Oklahoma?

RA: "Yes sir. You can say that."

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