Recruiting: Pennsylvania OL says OU is No. 1

Lebanon, Pa. OL says has the Sooners on the top of his list


JH: How is your season going so far?
RW: We are now into the first round of the playoffs. We are 6-3 and 5 -1 in the conference. We are into the playoffs as the number five or six seed. My season has gone well. I am playing well.

JH: When you watch teams that are recruiting you, do you watch as a fan or do you study the players at your position?
RW: I can usually watch as a fan, but sometimes I catch myself watching the offensive line. I don't see anything that convinces me I can't play at the college level.

JH: How are you doing in the weightroom?
RW: We lift on Monday's and Wednesday's. I am benching 345 (pounds), but we don't max now, but it would still be pretty close.

JH: How is you list of schools shaping up?
RW: I am starting to narrow recruiting down a little bit. There are about six schools that I am considering. I like North Carolina State (12-7), Virginia (12-14), Maryland (1-4), Oklahoma, Vanderbilt and South Carolina. I really don't have a favorite right now, but if I had to pick a number one it would be Oklahoma. Oklahoma and Vanderbilt have offered me and both of those schools have been recruiting me hard.

JH: Have you seen Oklahoma in person yet?
RW: I visited Oklahoma unofficially this late summer and I liked it a lot. Now, I need to take an official visit there and look at some other schools to see what they are like.

I watched OU play on television last week. They played hard, but they just couldn't get going. They had quarterback problems and their offensive line was solid. They were playing some new guys at right tackle and they had not played very much. I can see myself playing at Oklahoma, because they pass the ball a lot and I like to pass block and feel that I do it well. We have had quarterback problems as well and are playing with our second one, so we have to pass the ball quite a bit.

I will also visit Oklahoma and Vanderbilt for sure.

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