Long talks about OU's offensive class

OU Offensive Coordinator Chuck Long talks takes a player-by-player look at the Sooners' offensive recruits.

Rhett Bomar, QB, 6'4, 210, 4.6, GRAND PRAIRIE, TEXAS:
"Rhett is an excellent talent who is a very heady player and very smart. He has great tools with an excellent arm and a quick release, which is something I look for as a quarterback coach. We look for the fast release, and the faster they can get the ball out there the better the passing game will be. Rhett is tough and that is a big thing with me. As a coach, that is the first thing I ask their high school coaches is whether he is tough, and Rhett has the toughness that you want. Then he has the added ability of running. He can run with the football, which we would like to do. We feel he is as close to the total package as we have had at quarterback here."

Adrian Peterson, RB, 6'3, 205, 4.4, PALESTINE, TEXAS:
"Adrian is a total package type young man. He is big, strong and reminds us a lot of Eric Dickerson, as he is very tall and lean with good size and strength to him. We feel that Adrian is going to be a good inside-the-tackles type runner for us, which we need. He is also very smart, a good young man and a hard worker. Again, with running backs they have to be tough and he does have excellent toughness and breakaway speed. That is a combination that very few running backs have."

Lendy Holmes, WR, 6'2 ?, 185, 4.4 DALLAS, TEXAS (SOUTH OAK CLIFF HS):
"Lendy is a big, strong receiver and he is very athletic. He is an excellent basketball player and he is a guy who can really deal with a football in his hands. We have watched him play basketball and Coach (Darrell) Wyatt came back and just raved about his athletic ability. He is a good young man who is great to be around. You can tell his passion for the game. He may be guy who figures in early, like all of our receivers in our system."

Quentin Chaney, WR, 6'6, 203,4.5, TULSA, OKLAHOMA:
"Quentin is a big, tall receiver that you covet as a coach. We haven't had a lot of big, tall receivers here and Quentin is that guy. He has height to him and strength. For a high school player Quentin is already built to him. He is a very strong player and a very excitable young man. He likes football and likes being around the guys, and I think Quentin is going to be a great asset. Our receivers are starting to get taller and bigger, which is good."

Fred Strong, WR, 6'2 ?, 190, 4.4 OF AUSTIN, TEXAS:
"Fred was an early commitment for us way back in the summer. I spent a lot of time with him back in our summer camp and in our summer program, and he has done an excellent job in his high school career. However, we are looking forward to getting Fred here early this summer and watching him really grow as a player. He is a big, tall receiver that can run and who is very athletic along with the other two receivers that we are brining in. We just feel that they are going to have a great future for us. It is just going to be hard to play bump-n-run coverage against us in the future. Teams are starting to do that more-and-more and it is going to be hard to do that with these big receivers that we have."

J.D. Quinn, OL, 6'4, 269, 5.0, GARLAND, TEXAS:
"J.D is on campus currently and he is going to get a head start within our system, and that will help especially with a young lineman because there is a lot to learn there. He is a strong, tough player and he has a great demeanor about him when you are around him. You just feel his toughness. He is not going to take much from anybody. That is what you like in a young offensive lineman. When you have a tough offensive lineman up front that is a great leadership quality to have. Guys really follow that stream when you have a good, young tough guy. Where he projects right now is at either the center or guard position."

Randy McAdams, OL, 6'7, 285, 5.2, LEANDER, TEXAS:
"Randy is a young man who we had in camp. He is a tall, physical player who could project at the tackle position. We always try to look for tackles first, if we can get them, so we will try him there first. We are excited about what he can do and his ability. Again, Randy was an early commitment for us and he has stayed close to us. I know that he has watched us and learned what we are all about. He has been to several of our games and we are excited about his future."

Cameron Schacht, OL, 6'4, 260, 4.9, COPPELL, TEXAS:
"Cameron is another young man that we are going to try at tackle first. He has the height and ability to be a good tackle for us. He committed to us early on, so he has seen us play and seen what we can do. All of our early commitments have watched us all fall and that they will have a head start coming in. Cameron comes from Coppell, which is a good football area and he has registered a lot of pancakes in high school. We like guys who can pancake guys. We are excited about Cameron."

D.J. Wolfe, RB, 6'0, 195, 4.4, LAWTON, OKLAHOMA:
"D.J. is another young man on campus, who came in early. You like him, because with Adrian Peterson coming, here's is a young who has not shied away from the competition, and we love guys like that. However, we feel every bit as good about D.J., as we do about Adrian. He has good hands and caught 25 passes in three seasons at Eisenhower High School. We feel like he is going to be a strong inside runner for us, with some speed on the outside. Already being on campus means he will get a head-start. We are going to give him a good look this spring to get him in the mix."

Brandon Braxton, OL, 6'6, 291, 5.1, YOUNGSTOWN, OHIO:
"Brandon is another tackle prospect, and I know the coaches that went to watch him play basketball loved his athletic ability. He is tall with a great frame on him .He can put some weight on, and all of these young linemen need to come in and get strong, and that is what our weight program is for. We like his build and we think he has a great future ahead of him. Brandon had an excellent high school career, especially his junior year, and we think he is going to be a strong mainstay at tackle for many years to come here at OU."

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