Venables talks about OU's defensive class

OU Defensive Coordinator Brent Venables talks gives player-by-player quote on the Sooners' defensive recruits.

Marcus Walker, CB, 6'0, 183, 4.4, Waco, Texas:
"Marcus is one of the more mature players that we recruited.He is mature physically and mentally, and the first thing you think about when you evaluate him is the way he plays the game.He is a very up-in-your-face type player that contests every play.He is very smooth, yet very physical with his play disrupting the receiver getting off the line, always challenging them.Marcus is also a very good run support player who knows the game and is very knowledgeable of the game, the X's and O's and the philosophies proving that he is a real student of the game."

Alan Davis, DE, 6'2, 233, 4.7, Colleyville, Texas:
"The first thing that stood out with Alan was his tremendous quickness.He has good speed, but even better quickness.Alan is a good football player with good instincts and he was a very productive and solid player on both sides of the ball in 5A football in Texas.He is a great athlete that catches the ball well out in space and he knows how to get open, and he is a very good basketball player. Again, he is a very productive on defense, no matter if he played defensive end or inside. When he created mismatch problems for the offense was when he lined up at tackle."

Corey Bennett, DT, 6'3, 255, 4.7, San Antonio, Texas:
"Corey is another guy that is only going to get bigger, stronger and more explosive. He is very athletic and very powerful young guy who has a great background in the weight room. Corey comes in with a tremendous foundation in that regard.He is an extremely lean, high-motor guy who makes plays all over the field. He was a real find by Bobby Jack (Wright) early in the recruiting process. He was able to uncover him and identify him as a guy who could help us.He is what we are looking for in those defensive front players with guys that can run, make plays and that are athletic.Again, he is a high-motor guy, who is lean and has a build that can continue to add weight."

Brett Bowers, FS, 6'1, 187, 4.5, Jacksonville, Florida:
"Brett is like a rocket coming out of the back-end or like a missile coming out of the back-end. He loves to play with his pads downhill and he makes a bunch of plays on the football.Brett has great instincts and good range. He is very aggressive safety, which is what you want obviously. He plays with a great deal of emotion and with a real high motor. His instincts and feel for the game are real exceptional."

Chris Patterson, LB, 6'2, 220, 4.5, Chicago, Illinois:
"We identified Chris in our football camp and he was easily the best player on the field at any position.He completely and totally wreaked havoc on all of our one-on-one's rushing the passer.Chris is very fluid natural athlete with great range, who has the chance because of his body size and ability to grow 250 pounds and still be able to carry the weight very well."

Remi Ayodele, DE, 6-3, 280, Grand Prairie, Texas:
"We feel Remi will be a major factor for us from day one. He'll have a real opportunity come in and help us immediately. He is big, fast, strong and even more importantly, experienced. Those two years in junior college at a great program like NEO will help him immensely. He has a great motor, plays hard every down, and again we think he will come in and help us from day one.

Garrett Hartley, PK, 5'9, 176, 4.8, South Lake Carroll, Texas:
"Garrett has tremendous pop in his leg and he has just a real live leg. He has great range and can consistently hit them from 60-yards out.Garrett has one of the more accurate kickers that we have seen. He has the ability to place the ball in a variety of spots. He can do every trick known to man with a football and his leg.Garrett has a long history with his soccer background, which speaks volumes for his ability to place the ball and do a variety of things with the football.We think at some point and time that he can give us the ability to have that additional weapon on the field with his leg. Garrett put the majority of his kickoffs in the end zone and deep in the end zone at that.He just has a very strong and accurate leg. Garrett is a very competitive young man as well. I really like his mental makeup."

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