Sooner Spotlight: Marcus Walker

Walker talks about his expectations for next season and his future roommate at Oklahoma.

ENNIS, Texas—Waco High School cornerback Marcus Walker talks about his conversations with Coach Venables, his expectations next season and future roommate at Oklahoma during an exclusive interview. How are your off-season workouts progressing?

Walker: "I'm running track. (Football) recruiting kind of put me behind, because of those visits and you're always eating like crazy during those, so you kind of get out of shape. I'm picking it right back up though. My first (track) meet is like next week or the week after that." Do you miss the recruiting craze?

Walker: "No, I'm back to being Marcus again. It's been cool." When was the last time you and Coach Venables spoke?

Walker: "About a week ago. He was trying to get me caught up on some of the stuff they do as far as their scheme and terminology on defense. I'm taking baby steps right now." Do you still anticipate playing as a true freshman?

Walker: "I'm going to whatever I can do. I'm not going to put nothing on myself like starting or anything like that. I'm going to come in and compete. If I'm good enough to beat somebody out and play a lot then so be it. As a football player, your expectation is always to play, but we'll see what happens." Where do you see yourself fitting in Oklahoma's secondary next season?

Walker: "I'm at the bottom again, just like I was four years ago (in high school). I've just got to work my way back to the top. I'm ready to get after it." When do you plan to move to Norman?

Walker: "I'll be there early. I graduate on the 29th of May, so I'll probably be there between June 1 and June 10." Is Adrian Peterson going to be your roommate?

Walker: "For sure. (Laughing)…I think I can handle it."

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