Catching up with Rhett Bomar

Grand Prairie, Texas QB Rhett Bomar talks about his interest in pro baseball and his expectations for his freshmen season in Norman. (Photo by Matthew Nachtrieb)

ENNIS, Texas — Grand Prairie quarterback Rhett Bomar talks about his upcoming high school baseball season, the interest of professional baseball scouts in him and his football expectations in Norman as a true freshman during an exclusive interview. How is your baseball season progressing?

Bomar: "We don't officially start until Feb. 28, but we had our first scrimmage last week vs. Denton Ryan. There were about 20 (professional baseball) scouts there. Denton Ryan's first pitcher, Javi Guerra, throws about 90 miles per hour and he struck me out. I really wasn't ready for that this early in the season. One of his pitches was 96 (mph). It was funny, all the scouts had radar guns in one hand to clock him and in the other hand they had stopwatches to time me. He struck out all six batters he faced, but I worked him to a full count before he got me. I had a chance to get one (a hit), but I fouled it off." Are professional baseball teams contacting you?

Bomar: "Yeah, there's no rules about that. I get lots of letters and telephone calls. Some have even stopped by and eaten with us, but there's not much going on right now. Teams are interested, but they want to wait and see me play. After the season, that's when it all heats up." What teams have made in-home visits?

Bomar: "The Phillies and Dodgers." What kind of conversations do you have during those visits?

Bomar: "They just tell you about the (draft) process, that they're interested and they'll be watching me play (this season). Nobody talks anything about money right now." Who is your favorite professional baseball team?

Bomar: "I've never really had a favorite, but I like the Rangers and Braves." Last season, you hit .543 with 11 home runs and 38 runs batted in. If you were to duplicate those numbers this year, a lot of baseball teams will likely be very interested in drafting you, potentially in the first round. What are your thoughts on that scenario?

Bomar: "First of all, it's going to be tough to have a year like last year, because nobody is going to pitch to me this year. As for the considerations, I really don't know. I guess my family and I would sit down and weigh our options. I really don't know." For you not to play college football, what would that take?

Bomar: "I don't know. Not playing football would be kind of tough. I'm not saying anything right now, because I don't want to cut anything off with either football or baseball people. I'm not really saying much on the subject right now, because I really don't know much about it, because it's kind of new to us (me and my family). We're just seeing how it goes." Former Michigan quarterback Drew Henson who skipped his senior season of football to sign a contract with the New York Yankees recently walked away from $12 million still owed to him to pursue a career in the NFL. What is your take on that situation?

Bomar: "I guess it just depends on the player. He went and got a bunch of money, but it just didn't work out for him. I'm sure he missed football. I think that happens a lot, because guys have football in their blood. I guess I'll think about that." OK, enough baseball. Who are you going to room with in Norman?

Bomar: "I don't know yet. I could probably tell Coach Venables who I want to room with, because they've mentioned it before." What your expectations as a true freshman?

Bomar: "(Jason) White is the starter and everything. I'm just going in to compete and do my best. They haven't said I'm going to redshirt or anything, so they want me to come in and compete, so we'll see how that goes." What do you consider to be the ideal situation for you at Oklahoma next season?

Bomar: "It'd be good if I was the No. 2 quarterback or if I redshirted that I'd start the next four years." Do you foresee yourself starting in 2005?

Bomar: "Yeah, because next season will give me a year to get ready. The main thing is the mental part like learning the offense." Last question, how do you feel about your father's decision to leave Grand Prairie for Callisburg?

Bomar: "I'm happy he's getting out of Grand Prairie. I'm glad I'm getting out of Grand Prairie. It's good for him to get away from there (Grand Prairie) and get to a smaller town. He likes that better, plus he'll be closer to family."

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