RECRUITING: Top combo guard to visit Norman?

Detroit, Mich. McDonald's All-American talks about a possible visit to Norman and his interest in OU.

Detroit, Mich. guard Malik Hairston has emerged as one of the top guards in the country and one of the few remaining top 30 players still not committed at this point.

Hairston emerged on the scene at Renaissance High School when he started as a 5-11 freshman guard and averaged seven points per game. As a sophomore Hairston grew to 6-1 and his average also shot up to 15 points per game. Then as a junior, Hairston hit a growth spurt to 6-5 and his average went up as well to 22 points per game. He is still growing as he now stands 6-6 as a senior and he is currently averaging a little over 22 points per game.

"As I have grown I have been able to play inside more, but it was actually good that I was a guard young," said Hairston. "I was forced to use guard skills when I was young and I still use them today. I play a much more physical game and now I have developed an inside game to go along with my outside game."

Hairston often brings the ball up at Renaissance as he plays a combo-guard position.

"I am a combo guard who is a slasher, rebounder and shooter," said Hairston. "My best asset is my versatility, because I have been told I can do a number of things for a team."

Hairston has already visited Kansas, UCLA and Ohio State and he is thinking about taking another visit to Oklahoma.

"I am unsure if I will take a visit to OU or not," said Hairston. "I may make a decision where I want to go to school before that and I want to concentrate on our season right now. If I visited Oklahoma it would be after the season, and right now I don't want to worry about that.

"I don't have a favorite and right now I would have a tough time making a decision. I like Oklahoma and I like Coach Kelvin Sampson. Oklahoma's program is on the rise. I just don't know what I am going to do right now and I just can't make any guarantees if I will visit them or not."

Malik and his teammates will play in the City Championship on Wednesday and they are favored to win the championship.

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