Recruiting: Pool has Sooners in top two

Houston, Texas free safety Brodney Pool sets his visit date to Norman


JH: How is your season going?
BP: We have not had a good season as are currently 2-7 on the year. I am playing both free safety and cornerback and I know at this point that I have eight interceptions on the year. I would say that I have around 51 tackles or so. My job is to stay back and make sure that things get covered in the secondary. I also get a chance to cover the best wide receiver on the young team on most nights and that is something enjoy. I love the challenge.

I want to play free safety in college and all the colleges are recruiting me for that position.

JH: Have you set up an visits?
I have already taken a visit to Purdue (10-19). I am going to Oklahoma for the Oklahoma State game for an unofficial and then I am going back for an official visit on December 7. I will go to Kansas State the following week and then probably Texas Tech in January.

Do you have any favorites?
BP: I try not to have a favorite right now, but I have to admit that I like Oklahoma and Kansas State a little more than the rest of the schools. I am looking forward to seeing the campus at both schools to see how I fit in there. I like Oklahoma's defense and their coaching staff. The coaching staff is real aggressive and nice. I went to the OU-Texas game and that was crazy. I would love to play in that game. I like Kansas State's defense, but I haven't seen one their home crowds yet and I don't know if they have a big game like OU and Texas. I would have an opportunity to play at both schools.

JH: How do you like the recruiting process?
BP: I like talking to coaches and the media. I think I am enjoying the recruiting process and I think things are going to get even better when I start taking more visits. I liked Purdue pretty well. I like how the schools sets in a little town and the people were real nice. The team is solid and the players are nice. I could see myself going to Purdue and I don't mind going out of state.

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