Tuesday's Press Conference Quotebook

Excerpts from Head Coach Bob Stoops weekly press conference Tuesday at the Barry Switzer Center in Norman

On the Tulsa game
Offensively we ran the ball well, threw it well. I thought Nate Hybl was very sharp — delivered a lot of deep balls and good throws downfield. Regardless of who you're playing, if the player is open, to put the ball there and execute is always good to see.

We executed a lot of our run game really well. Nate, got us in and out of good and bad runs plays. Good, solid win.

Players mentioned for game balls were Nate Hybl and Quentin Griffin on offense and Trent Smith. Another incredible day for Trent Smith at tight end. Defensively, we gave all the starters one for the shutout. And special teams, Tim Duncan and Brandon Jones, was another bright spot in the game. It's good to see him have an impact in the game.

On Texas A&M
We recognize Texas A&M is a very good football team. Always a well-disciplined, well-coached football team that defensively always has played well. Their special teams are always consistent and good.

Offensively, Mark Farris there quarterback, is a very, very good player. Very accurate. They're more balanced this year. They've emphasized and worked their run game, which has been traditionally a good part of there running game. Last year, I think they were a little bit more open then they are this year, though they can still throw it around pretty good. They still are working the run game maybe a little bit more than last year.

We're anxious to go out and compete with them. We're looking for our fans to be vocal and make a difference to help us in the game.

On why OU has been so successful at home in his three years at Oklahoma
I can't pinpoint any one reason why. We have played very well at home. What I have noticed this year is a more confident fan base. Our first year we'd go out on the field, start to play and do some things really well and I think our fans would hold back fearing that something bad was about to happen. The more and more we went on that wasn't the case, so now I think they're a little more confident in cheering and creating noise and being a factor in the game. I've recognized that this year and hope it continues.

On dropping to third in the BCS rankings below Miami after beating Tulsa 58-0
I'm sure someone Miami has beat, maybe came back and beat somebody. It still doesn't matter. In the end, our situation won't change. If we win this week and continue on we're going to be fine. It's going to change up and down for some teams as you go through the year. Some people's strength of schedule as you go through the year will change. It still doesn't effect us and our situation one bit. If we're fortunate enough to compete this week and win, we'll see what happens after that.

On this years team compared to last years team with three games left in the season
We have a chance to be every bit as good as last year. I think we still have a chance to do that. Defensively, we're probably further along and executing better overall. Special teams are pretty close. Offensively, we've maybe been a little more inconsistent, though we've shown in a lot of case to be very productive.

On the team still trying to reach the same goals as last year with one more loss at this point then a year ago
I don't see it any differently. All we're looking at is we have Texas A&M in front of us. We need to practice well. Let's go out and compete with them, do the best we can. We're going to go after it and fight with who we have that week and try to play to our potential, be as good as we can be and see what happens.

On the advantages the team has down the stretch having gone through it last year
I believe we're further along, experience-wise and maturity-wise than we were a year ago this time by a long shot. Everything that's coming at us, we know what to expect. We know the situation. We know what's going to be written and we anticipate it pretty well having experienced it.

On what extended role with freshman receiver Brandon Jones have with Andre Woolfolk now out for 3-4 weeks
He'll return punts more. In all likelihood we'll start him and let him go at and see how he does.

We've been without Andre through the season a good number of games. And the games he has played he's only worked in there about half the time. The rotation with Brandon at receiver, we'll see how sharp he is in everything we do through the week will determine that. He's closer. He continues to improve. That's something that Coach Spurrier and Coach Mangino will end up deciding by the end of the week.

On injuries
I'm not going to deny we've had more injuries this year than last year. I don't make a big deal about it and I don't believe we need to this year either. We've got players ready to play - they've performed well. And don't believe it needs to be a factor.

On Antonio Perkins replacing Andre Woolfolk
Antonio Perkins will step up and get more snaps this week, but we've been wanting to get Antonio in the game more as it is. Antonio is an excellent athlete, probably one of the best ones we have on the team. He has performed well in big situations this year.

On how Jamal Brown has performed filling in for the injured Wes Sims
He's getting better and better and has been very solid, and has played to the level Wes was playing at.

On Nate Hybl's performance against Tulsa
Nate has played well this year in bunch of football games. I thought he played well against Nebraska. He's had a lot of good, positive games.

Even in the week's that Jason started or completed games, Nate's practicing, performing, getting ready to play. All that practice time and everything we do with our quarterbacks gets them better. He's made some quicker decisions, quicker reads that got the ball there. He continues to grow in his position like you would expect any guy to do.

On the improved punt return game with Brandon Jones as the returner
The return man isn't the sole reason you get good returns. We changed a lot of our personnel in our punt return unit in last weeks game. Nobody looks at who's up front, everybody just looks at who's back. We changed probably seven guys up front and got more production out of them. I just look at Curtis (Fagan) and the number of snaps he gets at receiver and so on, that I just felt maybe he was getting too many snaps and a little bit overworked and wanted to lighten his load.

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