Recruiting: Dibbles close to narrowing field

The latest on Lancater, Texas defensive lineman Larry Dibbles


JH: How do you stay strong throughout the long season?

LD: I lift weights at least two times a week and sometimes three times a week so that I can keep strong throughout the season. We have a good weight lifting program here at Lancaster and our team is into it pretty well. Then I guess I am just naturally strong and as long as I am healthy and eat right I stay pretty strong during a season.

JH: How is your season going?

LD: We are 2-7 and our season is just about over. We didn't qualify for the playoffs and we have one game. I hate it when you ask me that, because I hate the fact we haven't done well this season. We have been fairly decent on defense, but we have given up to many big plays. Our offense hasn't scored as well as we would like at times, but on defense we shouldn't be given up any points. When you win you are a team and when we lose we are team.

JH: What are your statistics at this point?

LD: I will look at the stat sheet after Friday. I haven't been looking at it all year, but now that our season is over I will take a look at it and let you know the next time I talk to you.

JH: What is going on in recruiting?

LD: Nothing really different. I am just trying to maintain keeping my poise. There is a lot of pressure involved in recruiting because all the schools are working hard trying to get me to visit. I am still talking to all the coaches and listening to what they have to say. I will start to narrow things down here soon and then I will set up some visits. I may take a visit somewhere a week or two after my football season is over with. I don't have any visits set, but I think I will soon.

JH: What schools are still involved?

LD: Several schools are still involved, actually the same schools, because I haven't eliminated anyone. I still have Notre Dame, Texas and Oklahoma and the top of my list, because I have seen those colleges and they are in no particular order. This will be a tough next couple of weeks, because I am going to tell some schools that I am not going to their schools. However, it won't be to hard, because it is nothing personal, but it is a business decision and they will understand. I can't go to two schools and in the end I have to choose one and all of the coaches know that.

JH: What all-star games will you play in?

LD: I have been invited to several all-star games and I am still trying to decide which one's to play in.

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