Recruiting: California stars looking at OU

Talented California duo set to visit Norman


Jackson and his teammate Lance Mitchell form one of the best linebacker combinations in the country. A two-year starter for the Rams, Jackson went to high school at Tennyson High in Haywood, California.

As you might expect, the Rams sport one of the top defenses in junior college football and are currently undefeated at 7-0.

"In high school the role of your high school football coach is so important for you getting out of there to get to a major college, but I didn't' get much help. I was on a recruiting trip to Washington State and one of the players there told me about San Francisco C.C. and said it was a great place for him. Well, it has been a great place for me."

Jackson doesn't care about his stats, but knows that he had a bunch of them. This year Jackson is having a better season and will finish with well over 100 tackles. Jackson can bench 405 pounds and he admits that he never max's out in the squat. Jackson feels he could play middle linebacker if he put on a little more weight, however says he can play SLB.

"I am hearing from a lot more schools than I did in high school," said Jackson with a laugh. "

"Start out with USC and Oklahoma and then maybe South Carolina. Oregon, Oregon State, Washington, Washington State, Arizona, Arizona State, Missouri and Indiana are schools that seem to be the most serious right now. I really don't have a favorite and I am trying to check out the season thus far. It would be very cool if Lance and I can play together. Oklahoma needs linebackers and that appeals to me. OU has a heck of a tradition and you look at their needs and I have a great possibility to play. Then you look at the players that will be surrounding me and that would be a great situation. Washington has a friend of mine, Kia Ellis, who played with us last year. It appeals to me that all three of us could be back playing together again at Washington. He already has a name as they call him the 'Creator." However, that will not be a deciding factor in our decision, but that would be nice."

"I have already visited USC and I am going to visit South Carolina (11-17) and Oklahoma (11-24). My last visit will be to Missouri or Arizona. USC was real nice. They let us cheer with the whole team during a game and that was a great feeling. The fans are great and the alumni at USC is first rate. I would say that USC is even more in contention after my visit there."


Mitchell is the other member, along with Pasha Jackson of the most talented linebacker duo in junior college football.

Mitchell played his high school football at Los Banos, California and earned first team all-state honors. Mitchell wound up at San Francisco C.C. due to academics and made the best of it ever since. Mitchell is another that doesn't keep up with his stats and he admits that at times he only plays in the first half because his team is blowing out an opponent.

Mitchell can bench 385 pounds and he has half-maxed at about 515 pounds. Mitchell played basketball and ran track in high school. Mitchell ran on all the spring relays in track and even threw the shot. Mitchell is also being heavily recruited and says he and Jackson would love to play together.

"If the opportunity presented itself, sure we would like to play together," said Mitchell. "However, we are not going to let that get in our way of going to the school we really want to go to. I am interested in Florida (12-1), Oklahoma (11-24), Washington and USC. I have already visited USC and it was cool. It is a great opportunity to play. I may also visit South Carolina (11-17), but I am not sure I really want to do that.

"I like the fact they are more of a diehard defensive school," said Mitchell on Oklahoma. "I like their style of defense and how aggressive they are. I could fit in with what they do on defense. I like the fact they graduate two linebackers and that I would have a great chance to start right away.

"I don't really have a favorite school and I am keeping an open mind. Both Pasha and I graduate at semester, so we will get a chance to go through spring with the school that we sign with. I really didn't have a favorite team in high school.

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