Basketball Recruiting: Bookout down to two

But do the Sooners still have an edge for this outstanding big man from Stroud?


JH: Do you still plan to take another visit?

KB: I don't know if I am going to do anything with that final visit or not. My decision is going to come down between OU and OSU, so I really don't need to take that final visit. Taking that final visit would be a waste of time unless something weird happens.

JH: Is Arkansas still in the mix?

KB: Arkansas was in the mix unless they got all their basketball scholarships filled. I was down to all three of those schools until then.

JH: What do you like about Oklahoma?

KB: I really like Coach Sampson a whole lot. I also like Coach Lopes and Coach Shaw a bunch. I have gotten to know Coach Wade (OU Track Coach) a great deal and I really like him and believe that he is a pretty good coach. I really like the basketball program. They are 27-8 over the last several years, they always go to the tournament and they are always winning. I think they are going to have a real good team this year.

JH: What do you like about OSU?

KB: I really like the players and feel they are going to have a good team as well. I like Coach Sutton and what he has accomplished up there. I would like to go up there to play in front of their fans. They really support their program and I would get excited about that.

JH: Do you like how both teams runs their offense?

KB: I fit in with both offense and how they run plays for the post guys.

JH: Do you really not have a leader at this point?

KB: I have been a Sooner all my life and it would be pretty tough not to choose them. Both of my brothers went there and I have watched guys like Nate Erdmann and Corey Brewer all my life. It would be pretty tough not to choose them.

JH: How are you playing early in camp?

KB: We scrimmage Putnam City the other day and they beat us by 11. We only got a chance to play a half and I only played one quarter. We played zone so I didn't get a chance to guard Marques (Hayden). However, they went man on me and I put 14 on the board against them. Marcus didn't guard me all the time, because they switched on and off.

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