Recruiting: San Diego LB never suspended

The latest on San Diego linebacker Scott White


JH: We heard you were suspended recently, is that true?

SW: I was only suspended for one game this year and that was the second game of the season. I have not been suspended for any other games. I have played in every game this year except one. They wrote the same thing in the local paper and that bothers me. My coach is trying to contact the media to straighten everything out and I am letting him handle it. I really can't do anything about it at this point.

JH: How is your season going?

SW: We played our final game today and we finished our regular season at 9-1. We won the game today 27-17 over Hoover High, and I played pretty well today. I made a ton of tackles today and scored a touchdown, but I pulled my hamstring in the third quarter. I still played some the rest of the game and in fact I scored the winning touchdown in the fourth quarter with my leg hurt.

JH: Are you ready for the playoffs?

SW: We get a bye in the first round of the playoffs and it couldn't come at a better time. Hopefully that will give my leg time to heal, but it is hurt pretty bad. The doctors feel that I might have tore my hamstring and not just pulled out. However, I don't care I am going to figure out a way to play somehow. I will start on my rehab tomorrow and get a ton of it and then try to practice next week. My goal is to be ready for the game. I play both linebacker and running back, but if I have to cut things back to one side of the ball it would be at linebacker.

JH: What are your stats?

SW: On offense I have scored 13 touchdowns and I have close to 700 yards rushing. I know I am way over 100 tackles, but I don't know how many for sure.

JH: How is recruiting going?

SW: Things have been pretty quiet, however things are just about the same. It's still OU, Washington, Colorado and LSU. Those schools have been the most consistent with me and I appreciate that. I really don't have a favorite, but I admit that I really like Washington and Oklahoma a lot. I am going to visit Colorado next weekend (11-16) and Coach (Gary) Barnett is coming to my school to visit me next week. Washington and Oklahoma are in a deadheat with Colorado and LSU slightly behind.

JH: How is Oklahoma and Washington stacking up against each other at this time?

SW: I have to give the edge football-wise to OU, but Washington is like San Diego and there is a little more to do their socially. That really helped Washington close the gap with Oklahoma. I realize that there will be life after football and that is important to me as well, so I have to decide which can best help me after my football career is over.

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