Two Minute Drill: White back in the saddle again

Oklahoma quarterback Jason White talks about recovering from several nagging injuries and returning to the practice fields after last season's disappointing Sugar Bowl loss to LSU.

NORMAN, Okla. — Heisman Trophy winner Jason White returned to the practice field today as the Sooners went through their first day of Spring Practice. White went through all the individual drill and skelly drills, but gave way to Paul Thompson and Tommy Grady during team drills.

It has been a tough offseason for White, as he has had to recover from foot and hand injuries. But as you might expect, the John Wayne of college football was right there on the indoor facility turn leading the Sooners through practice.

White has been the quietest Heisman Trophy winner in history since winning the award, but today he agreed to sit down a few minutes with for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: Jason, how are you feeling as spring practice gets underway?

JW: "Today was one of the first days that I got a chance to run. I didn't have any trouble, so I hope I can progress from here."

JH: You have always told me that the older you have become the slower your fastball has become. Now that you have had a few months off did your fastball pick up some speed?

JW: "I don't know how fast it is exactly, but my arm feels a lot better. I rested the arm a little bit and it helped my arm get some zip back. It felt pretty good today."

JH: It looked like you turned it loose on a couple of out-routes today. You were testing it out, weren't you?

JW: "I was just making sure that it was still there."

JH: What is your health situation at this point?

JW: "I am good. It was just precautionary to not do the team stuff today. That is not my choice, but that of the doctors. It always seems that I am negotiating with them about something. Other than that I am fine."

JH: What exactly did you have done this offseason? What did you have worked on?

JW: Everything was wrong it seemed. I had several injuries and some were just bangs and bruises from the season that never healed. I still got to do a lot of the offseason stuff despite having a cast on my foot and on my hand. I still lifted and worked out. It has pretty much been the same as it has been the last few years with me and rehab."

JH: "You have stayed very quiet this offseason despite winning the Heisman Trophy. Winning the award didn't seem to change your life much or did it? Have you been able to keep your life as simple as possible?

JW: "My life has been pretty simple. You go to banquets every now and then, but other than that it has been pretty simple. I got another year to play and all of that is in the past. I look forward to next year and leading the team back to the Big 12 Championship again, and hopefully we will win it this time."

JH: Have you been able to enjoy the fact that you won the Heisman Trophy?

JW: "I think as of right now that as I get older that it will be something that will don on me that it was something special. I don't think that I can rely on the fact that I won the Heisman last year and that it will guarantee me that I will be good again next season. You have to put the award in the back of your head and you save it for later. I worked just as hard this offseason as I have in the past, and I want to be better than I was last season. The team wants to be better than we were last year and everybody is striving for that."

JH: I get the feeling that the feeling of losing the National Championship has driven you more this offseason than anything that goes with the winning the Heisman Trophy again?

JW: "Definitely, that is true. Losing is something that wears on you for a long time. I didn't think losing that game would wear on me that much, but as soon as we got back into the swing of things you soon forget about it and you start looking toward the future. We learned a lot from that game and we learned a lot from the last two games we played. I think that was probably one of the best learning experiences that we picked up last year. Other than that I hope and feel that we will do better next year."

JH: You have every receiver back and you have the two young cats in Tristen Ross and Marcus Johnson, so what are the main things that you want to accomplish with them this spring?

JW: "We just need to get down the basic stuff. We need to keep running every route and I need to keep learning every receiver. I need to know how they run the routes and I need to get on the same page with everybody. Once you get on the same page with every receiver you have a chance to be dangerous."

JH: That is more difficult than we know isn't it?

JW: "Yes, it is. Every receiver is different and there is not two that are just alike and there are not two that run routes the same. By practicing every day and being with them this summer, you learn each one of them and that way when you know where you are going or where you're leading your route. Then, by knowing the receiver, you can complete the pass no matter what the situation."

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