Recruiting: Harris impressed with OU's defense

Mesquite, Texas linebacker Aaron Harris impressed with OU's performance against A&M, sets visit


JH: Did your high school team make the playoffs?

AH: We made the playoffs and will play Plano this Thursday at Texas Stadium. It is a great experience to play at Texas Stadium. I had a chance to play there my sophomore year. We finished our season 7-3. I finished with 115 tackles, three interceptions, three caused fumbles and four fumble recoveries, and I didn't play the last two games. I sprained my left ankle two weeks ago, but I will be ready this week. I could have played last week but we had already qualified for the playoffs, so my coaches held me out.

JH: What did you think of the Sooners defensive effort against Texas A&M.

AH: It's the way they play hard the whole game. They never give up and there is a lot of fight them. They play their assignments and they are always in the right spots. Their defense is designed to get the linebackers to the ball a lot and their linebackers are very active.

JH: You are considered a great instinctive player, would you agree with that?

AH: I agree with that. It is just God given. Once I prepare for a game and understand what they are trying to do, then I know what is going to happen every play. I watch everything from the quarterbacks, to the guards, to what the running backs are trying to do. You have to watch everything and once you get an idea what they are doing then things become easier for you.

JH: Have you wet any visit at this time?

AH: I have some visits set up. I am going to visit OU (1-11), Texas (12-14) and Texas A&M (12-7). I have also set a visit to Florida, but I don't know if I am going to take that visit. It's a little too far from home for me. I still don't have a favorite. I just want to hang around the players and see what kind of environment they are playing in and see what they are like.

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