RECRUITING: Sooners still lead for Vegas LB?

Coveted Las Vegas, Nev. linebacker Ryan Reynolds talks about his game and interest in Oklahoma.


For two years Ryan Reynolds has been on the Oklahoma Sooners recruiting list, and now that he is a senior he has risen to the top of that list.And as you might expect, to the top of the list for a number of different colleges across the country.

Reynolds is a three-year starter, who has been a household name in the recruiting game since he first stepped on the field. Last season, Reynolds finished with 103 tackles, 12 tackles for loses and nine sacks as a strongside linebacker in a 4-3 set.

"I don't think it matters where I play in college, but I am being recruited as an outside linebacker," said Reynolds. "I play both the weakside and strongside, and for college I don't think it is going to make any differene on which side I play, but I feel it will be on the outside. I feel I am quick to the ball and my closing speed always seems to be a big advantage for me. I must be pretty quick, because it allows me to always be around the ball."

Ryan can bench 390 pounds, squats around 500 and he has a 31-inch vertical jump, but hopes to improve on that at several different combines and camps around the country.

Reynolds went to the Nebraska camp the summer before his sophomore year and then last year he went to Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Wisconsin and UCLA. Thus far this year, Reynolds has visited USC, UCLA and during his spring break he will visit Florida, Miami, Wisconsin and go to one of Oklahoma's spring practices during his spring break.

"It is mainly me, my dad and my coach who usually travels," said Reynolds. "I have two younger sisters, so my mom usually stays home with them or she would be going with us. We make plans mostly everywhere way ahead of time and just plan early to save money and just take off and go. It has been really great to go see these places. I am trying to take advantage of this opportunity, because I realize that a kid my age doesn't get to do this very often."

Reynolds has been offered by 19 different schools at this point and he hopes to close down the offer process at this point.

"I would say that Oklahoma is my No. 1 school with Florida, USC, Wisconsin, UCLA and Notre Dame my top six," said Reynolds. "All of those schools, except for Notre Dame, have offered me at this point and Notre Dame never offers scholarships this early."

Oklahoma has always been Reynolds favorite, and that gives the Sooners a great opportunity to sign this coveted linebacker.

"Along with the team prestige I think they have one of the best coaching staffs in the country," said Reynolds. "I bonded really well and early with Coach (Brent) Venables and I really feel he is the best linebacker coach in the country. I feel he can be a great mentor for me to help me be the very best student/athlete that I can be and to get me ready for the NFL. The entire coaching staff is great and the players that I have met have treated me like I am already part of the team. I just feel real comfortable at OU."

"I don't think I will wait until signing day to commit, so I know that I will commit early," said Reynolds. "I don't know how early, because I want to take some visits and check everything out."

Reynolds wrestled in high school and finished third as a sophomore, but Gorman dropped the program last year costing Reynolds a chance to win a state title. Gorman will bring back the sport next year and Reynolds will go for the gold in 2005.

Reynolds has already qualified.

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