RECRUITING: Top Texas CB wants to visit OU

DeSoto, Texas CB Brian Jackson has the size and speed combo that has college recruiters drolling.

BRIAN JACKSON, CB, 6'2, 210, 4.48, DeSOTO, TEXAS:

In this day and age when college coaches are looking for big cornerbacks who can run, Brian Jackson fits right in with the very best in the state of Texas. Jackson had his breakout year last season when he finished with 30 tackles, four interceptions and three pass break ups, despite the fact that many teams threw away from him.

"I really didn't get that many chances to come up with any interceptions, because most of the time they threw away from me," said Jackson. "I got my picks on tips by my teammates over the middle. They would tip the ball up and I would go get it. The first couple of games I was real frustrated when I saw that teams weren't going to challenge me by throwing my way. I learned how to handle it and when I did I became a much better overall cover corner."

Jackson can bench 300 pounds, squats 480, and in track he participates in the triple jump (44) and high jump (6-0), which is good since this is the first year to compete in both. Last year he ran the 200M (22.8 ), which was also his first year to work in the event.

Jackson has not attended any summer camps for football, but this year he plans to attend is the Nike camp in College Station. He is thinking hard about going to the spring games at the University of Florida, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma. At this poin,t Baylor and Oklahoma State are the two schools that have offered him scholarships, but he knows that is soon going to change.

"My top six schools are Miami, Florida State, Michigan, USC, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State. Oklahoma is a great team every year and I have seen them play great and also saw a bad game out of them as well. I really like Oklahoma. I would say there is a good possibility that I will visit the Sooners.

"I really don't have a favorite. I hope to take all five of my visits. I want to major in pre-law and I want to contribute as a freshman."

Jackson will soon take the ACT and he feels he will easily qualify.

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