Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Junior College guard talks about his visit last weekend to Norman.

Fred Peete, SG, 6'4, Northeastern Oklahoma A&M Junior College (Memphis, Tenn.):

JH: How well did your visit to OU go?

FP: "It went well. I really enjoyed it. I like the campus, the surrounding town, team and the coaching staff.

JH: So, you really enjoyed yourself?

FP: "Yes, I would say that."

çJH: Now that you have visited OU, would you say about their recruiting?

FP: "I put them high on my list, but I am going to finish taking the rest of my visits. I am going to New Mexico State April 9. I will probably also visit OSU and Miami. I will visit OSU after they get back from the NCAA and I am not sure when I am going to visit Miami."

JH: What is your visit schedule?

FP: "Oklahoma is my first visit and I really them. I like Oklahoma, New Mexico State, OSU and Miami right now."

JH: Did your season go well this year?

FP: "Yes sir, but we could have done better. I finished the year averaging 20 points, six rebounds, four assists and two steals."

JH: How would you describe your game?

FP: "I can play point and I like to play point, but I can play the off-guard as well. I think I have a versatile game and I like to shoot the jumper, but I think I can get to the hole a well. I shot 37 percent from 3-point range this year."

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