Two Minute Drill: Bob Stoops

OU Head Coach Bob Stoops talks about Wednesday's practice and the BCS implications on the Sooners' 2004 schedule.

NORMAN, Okla. — Finally, the 2004 OU Football Schedule is in the books as the Sooners will play Oregon on September 18. The Ducks will join Bowling Green and Houston on the Sooners' non-conference schedule. And today, following the Sooners sixth practice of the spring OU Head Coach Bob Stoops talked about that and much, much more on the Two Minute Drill.

JH: What do you think of your schedule now that Oregon has been added to it?

BS: "First, I am excited about it as it will be very challenging. I don't know how many teams in the country will have nine bowl teams on their schedule. It shows something about our program that we are going out trying to make our schedule more difficult, while other teams try to make theirs easier.

"I appreciate, in a big way, Joe Castiglione's effort, because he has worked on this really hard and diligently in a very determined way to get it done. It wasn't easy and again Joe deserves a great deal of credit for being able to put this together. Again, it is exciting, because it is really challenging. There are BCS implications that we recognize. We hope to be in contention to compete for a BCS National Championship every year, so your schedule better be in order. And Joe has it in order for next year."

JH: Your schedule is definitely BCS friendly isn't?

BS: "There is no question. It is pretty obvious."

JH: Joe was ready to shuck this deal many times, but hung in there because he didn't want to leave you with a poor BCS schedule at the end of the year. OU knows how to play the BCS game doesn't it?

BS: "That is one of the positives of the BCS, and nobody wants to write or talk about it. But it creates a lot very good games early in the non-conference schedules. That is the case for a lot of teams that have legitimate chances to win the National Championship. Those that have hopes want to put themselves in a position to have a chance and a good schedule can do that. Joe understands more than anybody that we have that kind of program and he is going to do everything he can to help us achieve our goals."

JH: You did a lot of goal line work today at practice. What were your thoughts on the practice?

BS: "D.J Wolfe looked really good and physical for a guy that has been here only a short while. He ran physical and really looked good. So did many of the other guys. I thought KeJuan (Jones) really looked good. Donta (Hickson) looked good at times and so did some of the other running backs.

"It was a good practice with some good, physical work. There is no getting around it with us, we did some third-and-shorts and some goal-line and a lot of it was physical. I appreciate how our guys go at it."

JH: Lance Mitchell doesn't show any signs at all that he is hurt. Hasn't he been incredible this spring?

BS: "I was surprised that he was in there in a live situation and he looked great. Lance had some great hits and really looked good. We had a lot guys who are in really good shape."

JH: He still on all his great hits knocks his own helmet off.

BS: "I know he must have a faulty helmet. We are going to have to get that checked."

JH: Do you know what you want to do on Saturday, and do you have a time for it yet?

BS: "It is a full scrimmage set for 11:00 AM. We may go the first 15 minutes to half hour and do some pass skell and some special teams. Then we are going to full scrimmage."

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