Pelini fitting in nicely with defensive backs

Oklahoma Co-Defensive Coordinator and secondary coach Bo Pelini talks about his first spring at OU.

NORMAN, Okla. — It is the first year on the job at the University of Oklahoma for Co-Defensive Coordinator Bo Pelini, and he is going full blast. However, Pelini recently found a few minutes to talk to for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: How would you assess your secondary at the midway point of spring practice?

BP: "I think there is a lot of talent and the guys are working hard. They are doing a good job and doing everything that we need to get the job done. Everything we need to do a good job is here. The guys are improving and the guys are getting used to me, and I am getting used to them. It has been a good eight practices thus far, and the more we are together the better we are going to get."

JH: You are different from Mike Stoops in how you coach the secondary, so there is an adjustment period?

BP: "Sure there is. Mike is different than me and we are different people with different personalities. The most important thing is the product that we put on the field. I think the guys are responding and they are getting used to me and they are buying in. I feel real good about it."

JH: It seems that you are really working on the minor fundamentals of the game?

BP: "Absolutely, because it is the little things that count in the fall. It is a lot more than just X's and O's in the fall. It is about technique, about steps. It's about the little things, because that is what is going to separate us from the other good defenses that are out there. There is a lot of talent out there, but if we are good at the little things, good about being sound technique-wise, then that will put us over the top."

JH: Who is standing out for you so far this spring?

BP: "I feel good about the first group, and that includes all of them. Eric Bassey has stepped up and done a nice job. Perk's (Antonio Perkins) toe still bothers him at times, but he still has shown that he can do it all. The two safeties have played well. Jason Carter has done a nice job, so has Brodney Pool. And in our ‘Dime Package' Brandon Shelby is a playmaker. Tony Cade, for a young guy, is coming along. I feel the whole group is getting better. Darien Williams has done some good things. I feel good about the secondary. I feel the potential is there and it is my job to get it out of them."

JH: How is Tony Cade coming along this spring?

BP: "I think he is doing a nice job. He is starting to get a better understanding of our schemes and our system, and that is allowing him to play with more confidence. The more confidence you can play with the more decisive he is going to be. That will allow his great athletic ability to take over, because he has all the tools."

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