Recruiting: Florida LB interested in Sooners

Miami, Fla. linebacker will visit Norman in December


JH: How is your season going?

NH: We just lost in the first round of the playoffs 24-23 to Boca Raton. It was a heartbreaker, but we gave it everything that we had and played well. We only went 5-5 during the regular season, but we went 4-1 during district. I had fun playing with my teammates this season and it was really one of the best seasons that we have had at Edison in a long time. I am coming out of the season with my head hung high.

JH: How did you play individually?

NH: I finished with over 100 tackles, but I am not sure of the exact total. I will find out from my coaches this week. I blitzed a lot, because most of the teams had two or three guys on me. Every team knew of me and tried to run away from me, so my coaches had me blitz quite a bit to force the offense to account of me. My senior year wasn't like my junior year because of my status. I predicted that my senior year wouldn't be a productive as my junior year, but I still had a great time and played hard. My senior year was really a great success.

JH: What allstar games are you going to play in?

NH: Right now I am set for the California-Florida game and I believe I will get nominated for several others as well.

JH: Are schools recruiting you inside or as an outside linebacker?

NH: I am being recruited mainly as an outside linebacker. In high school I feel good about playing inside because of my weight, but in college I don't know if I will be big enough to play inside all the time. I will probably line up outside. I am being recruited at both spots and I really just want to get to college and see where I best fit in.

JH: What is going on in recruiting?

NH: I have already been to LSU and Michigan State. Both visits were alright. I liked Michigan State over LSU. I am also N.C. State (12-7) and OU (12-21). I like Oklahoma a lot. I like (Bob) Stoops and the defensive line coach (Jackie) Shipp. I also like how OU plays their linebackers. They let their linebackers roam and that is the type of defense I am looking to play in. I am not really favoring any school, but I would say that I like Michigan State the most so far.

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