Recruiting: Florida DL has OU in top five

Miami, Florida defensive lineman Kareem Brown plans on visiting Norman


JH: What became of your eligibility situation?

KB: I have never been cleared to play this year. So, this has been a very frustrating year. I moved to a new area last year and I was cleared to play. However, this year they said that I was a fifth year senior and was never cleared to play. In ninth grade, I did really bad and I had to redo it and that has put me off schedule. Now, I have recovered academically and I am going to be fine.

JH: Has the fact you didn't play hurt your recruiting any?

KB: No way. I have been selected to the Florida-California all-star game on January 2nd. According to Florida Prep Football I was selected as the 13th best prospect in Florida and the first d-lineman ranked. I have also been ranked as a All-American with three different teams.

JH: Are you being recruited more on offense or defense?

KB: I am being recruited more on defense than offense. I have set visits with Michigan State, Miami, LSU, Florida and Oklahoma. Those are the five schools that I am considering.

JH: What are your thoughts on Oklahoma?

KB: I haven't had a chance to visit the campus yet, but I hear a lot of good things about Oklahoma. I love to talk to Coach Jackie Shipp. We don't just talk football and I love that, because with most coaches they just want to talk football with me. Oklahoma is the top team in the country and who wouldn't like them. I went to the Michigan State camp and that is where they offered me a scholarship. I obviously impressed them enough to get a scholarship offer. I know five or six players at Michigan State and that has to help. I also like the Head Coach Bobby Williams. I grew up watching the Hurricane and I have always been a Miami fan. Coach Randy Shannon is recruiting me and I talk to him every week. I go to their games every week. Coach Nick Saban is a great guy and I went to the LSU camp. It was a great camp. Pete Jenkins is my position guy and he is a great guy. I didn't know this until I went to their camp, but I know the quarterback Rohan Davey. Ricky Hundey is my position coach at Florida and I just got off the phone with him. He is a real nice guy and obviously Florida is a real nice school.

JH: Since you grew up a Miami fan is it going to be tough for you to leave the state of Florida?

KB: Not really, because until I went to camp, that was the first time that I have been out of Miami. I like Miami, but that is what recruiting is all about, to go out and see new things and experience new things. I will definitely consider leaving the state. I can honestly say that right now I don't have a favorite, but after I take my visits I will have a definite idea where I want to go. I will start taking visits in early December.

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