RECRUITING: South Carolina duo watches scrimmage

South Carolina WR Eric Huggins and DT Hivera Greene talk about their trip to Norman this week.

Wide receiver Eric Huggins and defensive tackle Hivera Greene of Conway, South Carolina have been on an unofficial visit the last two days at OU.

While at the scrimmage they had the time of their lives as they met former OU Head Coach Barry Switzer and Country and Western Music Superstar Toby Keith.

Immediately after the scrimmage, the duo headed home with their wide receiver coach, Tyler Talisin, but I was able to catch up with them on their way out and talk about their visit to OU.

First up wide receiver Eric Huggins...

JH: How did you like your visit at Oklahoma over the last two days?

EH: "It was good man. It was real good man. They treated us better than any other college we have ever been to. The campus looked great and we went to the academic buildings and talked to the people in academics. We walked on the game field and were on the field when they were scrimmaging. I hung out with Will Peoples and Mark Clayton, and Hivera hung out with Moe Dampeer and Steve Coleman, and they were great people. The team just treated us like family and we went to eat and had some fun."

JH: Now that you have seen OU and Norman, what do you think?

EH: "I think that Norman is very much like home. The people are just the same, and actually the area looks very much like the same. I am very close to committing to OU."

JH: What is keeping you from committing to OU?

DH: "What I want to do is that I want to make sure about my grades. Right now I am just barely good enough to get in there. I want to keep working hard on class and get my grade point average way up there and do well on the ACT."

JH: What did you tell the OU coaches and what did they tell you?

EH: "The coaches aren't trying to rush me, but Coach Wyatt sat me down and told me about their situation at wide receiver and showed me how I can fit into their scheme and how they do things. We never really talked about me committing, but I know they want me and they know I have a great interest in them. They told me my scholarship is always there, and I feel very good about that."

JH: Are you going to visit any other schools this summer or are you totally locked into OU?

EH: "There is a spring game at Clemson this weekend, but we don't want to go now. We want to come back to Oklahoma Saturday for their spring game. My coach has something he has to do, but he is trying to re-arrange that and we hope to be right back up to Norman on Saturday.

Defensive Tackle Hivera Green...

JH: What did you think about your unofficial visit to OU?

HG: "I love my visit this weekend. I liked everything from football, the environment, teachers, players and the coaches."

JH: Now that you have been in Norman for the last two days what do you think about OU?

HG: "I want to go to Oklahoma. They are my top choice, and if I could I would go to Oklahoma today. They are definitely my top choice."

JH: Did OU offer you a scholarship?

HG: "We were getting in the process of that, but they haven't seen my academic stuff so they can't offer me until they see that. My academics are in order so that is not going to be a problem. I was talking to Coach (Jackie) Shipp and he told me everything about the school, the academics and their graduation rates. He also talked to me about life and told me to not just count on football, but to also get my degree, because I would not be playing football my whole life. He told me to prepare for life after football and that playing at OU is a wonderful experience, but it is also a big step for me to make sure I had everything in order before I came."

JH: You watched OU for two days and you know your skills, so how do you see yourself fitting in at OU?

HG: "Definitely on defense. I am young right now (16) so I am going to get a lot bigger and stronger. By the time I get to OU I will be comparable to there guys as far as size and strength."

JH: Are you still considering other schools or are you locked into Oklahoma?

HG: "Right now I am pretty much locked into Oklahoma, but I am still thinking about other schools. I am also thinking about Michigan, but they are not close to Oklahoma right now."

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