Recruiting: Big-time Florida OL has OU in top 3

Hallandale, Florida offensive lineman Davin Joseph plans on visiting Oklahoma


JH: How is your season going?

DJ: Our season is over as we lost in the first round of the playoffs. We lost to Rockledge, 10-7, and missed a 30-yard field goal at the buzzer that would have tied the game. We had a great year finishing at 9-1. I feel like I improved a lot and really handled myself well throughout the year. I felt I had a breakthrough season to a certain extent. At Hallandale, we don't run our program like it's a college program, so we didn't keep statistics. On defense I believe I had 11 sacks and recovered four fumbles.

JH: Are you going to play in any post season all-star games?

DJ: I am going to be playing in the Florida-Georgia and I have been invited to the Florida-California game.

JH: What is happening in recruiting?

DJ: I had one visit to Michigan State (11-2). I will be setting up the rest later on, but who, I don't know yet. Michigan State was great and I had a lot of fun up there. I went up for the Michigan State vs. Michigan game. I really like the people and the South Florida people that they have up there. They have a lot of people from my area that go to school there. I really liked the program. I feel it is an up-and-coming program. Coach Williams has had a few problems, but I believe in him and feel that he is going to get the job done. Defensive Coordinator Bill Miller is a good guy and I like the defense that he runs.

JH: What other schools are you going to visit? DJ: Right now I can say that I am going to visit Oklahoma and Ohio State. There are a lot more schools that I am looking at, but I don't want to narrow them down right now. Oklahoma is a great program with excellent coaches and some fantastic players right now. It is a place where I can go and concentrate on my studies and football. They are set up to help you in both areas. Oklahoma is on top right now and they need players in both the offensive and defensive lines. Ohio State has a great tradition and a lot of great athletes have come out of there. Ohio State is in a big city and on a big campus and they are on TV every week.

JH: Do you have a favorite right now?
DJ: I have to go with Michigan State, but that is the only school that I have visited right now.

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