Consistency the key for Peoples

Senior wide receiver Will Peoples talks about his spring performance and the importance of the Red/White game.

NORMAN, Okla. — Brandon Jones is not the only wide receiver having a killer spring for the Sooners. Senior Will Peoples finally seems totally healthy and he is challenging Jones for the best receiver in the spring. Of course, you could put Mark Clayton in that group, but when the coaches can find him they try to hold him out of team drills. Sometimes Clayton sneaks on the field and the coaches don't notice it until he catches a pass.

Physically, Peoples is a tremendous prospect and one of the best pure athletes on the team. He is a great special team's player and often is the gunner on punt coverage and punt returns. If he can stay healthy he has a chance to play in the NFL, but staying healthy is the key.

This spring he has managed to do just tha,t and following a recent Sooner practice he talked to for the Two Minute Drill.

JH: Is staying healthy the key to your success?

WP: "I think as far as being healthy I have to get more consistent in the weight room. During the winter and summer conditioning I am fine, but during the season as it goes on I need to make sure that I maintain my program and keep working out."

JH: So, you need to re-dedicate your strength and conditioning program during the season?

WP: "During the summer and winter I work very hard, but I tend to back off the weights during the season. I can't do that anymore, because that hurts me."

JH: Due to the great number of good receivers here isn't every day at practice like a major competition?

WP: "Making plays and consistency is my goal every day as a receiver. We all have the ability to make big plays, but consistency as far as being a good receiver all the time is the key. That is what will really help us win games."

JH: Do you feel you are having a good spring?

WP: "I am just trying to work on being consistent. I still feel I have a ways to go when it comes to consistency. It is a lot better than it has been in the past, but I am still striving to get more consistent. I am watching film more and watching other players and how they make plays, and then trying to apply it to my game, which I think is a big help to me."

JH: How does you size help you as a receiver?

WP: "It is kind of tough sometimes, because I am taller than the DBs, so I have to keep my shoulders down. Besides that, my size helps a lot because with the size you can be more physical with the defensive backs. I am bigger than most defensive backs and that helps a lot."

JH: Is there a sense of urgency among the players during the final week, and is the Red/White game an important game to the players."

WP: "I think there is a sense of urgency, because it is the last couple days of practice and you are not going to get those days back. Anybody can go out and go hard for one or two weeks, but it is the guy that goes out every day and every week and tries to improve his game that improves. So, there is a sense of urgency right now."

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