RECRUITING: Top WR leaves Norman impressed

Longview, Texas wide receiver Malcolm Kelly talks about his two favorites and trip to Norman last weekend for the Red/White game.

Malcolm Kelly, WR, 6-4, 203, 4.5, Longview, Texas:

JH: What did you think of unofficial visit this weekend to Norman?

MK: "I liked it a whole lot. I liked it a whole lot before I went up there, but now that I have visited there I even like it more. It was a whole lot better than any of the other unofficial visits I have been on thus far. I really liked Coach Stoops. I really liked him a whole lot."

JH: Who else have you visited unofficially?

MK: "I have been to Texas and LSU. Basically, those two along with OU were my top three schools that I am looking at."

JH: What did you think of Norman?

MK: "When I first saw Norman I thought it was going to be a real small city. When I first saw it I thought, 'Man, I am not going to like this.' Then I started to drive round town and realize that Norman is real nice, and then when I started to think that Oklahoma City is just 20 minutes up the road, I realized that Norman was great."

JH: Now that you have seen the OU program what would you say about your recruiting?

MK: "Right now I probably like OU and LSU the best. I really like all three schools, but I think OU and LSU have an offense that fits me best and I really like the campus at both schools. The other school that I used to talk about that I am not mentioning anymore is USC. That school is really too far for my parents to come and see me play. My parents aren't going to drive to Oregon and California all the time to see me play and that is another advantage for Oklahoma and LSU."

JH: What did you think of the Red/White game?

MK: "It was pretty good. They threw the ball around and they have some good looking quarterbacks, and they have Rhett Bomar coming in. They also have Adrian Peterson coming in, so it is not going to be a question about me not having good players around me.

"I really like Coach Stoops. He and Coach (Darrell) Wyatt are real cool. The receivers were good and I like the offense. I think Brandon Jones dropped one little pass on the outside, but he made a number of big plays as well. One thing that I discovered there is that their receivers don't have size on me. I thought they would be an inch or so bigger than me, but after standing next to most of them I realized that I was about an inch taller than all of them."

JH: What did you think of OU's offense?

MK: "The offense is great and they throw the ball a lot. But also run the ball, which helps the passing game."

JH: Are you going to make it back to Norman this summer?

MK: "I was hoping to come to the camp, but I don't think my mom and dad want to pay for the camp. I will try to make it one day because I think we can do that."

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